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Thanks to Fry’s and Laemmle, Vegan Food in Movie Theaters is Happening

by | April 9, 2019

Vegan moviegoers rejoice! Fry’s Family Foods Co has partnered with Laemmle Theaters to bring vegan food options to Los Angeles movie theaters, which means you won’t have to settle for just candy, soda and popcorn anymore! Finally, vegan food in movie theaters!

Thanks to Fry's and Laemmle, Vegan Food in Movie Theaters is Happening
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Thanks to Fry’s and Laemmle, Vegan Food in Movie Theaters is Happening

Vegan Options to be Available in Laemmle Movie Theaters in L.A.

Paul Koretz, a Los Angeles city council member, introduced a bill in December 2018 that would prompt movie theaters and other travel venues across L.A. to provide at least one vegan option in their food offerings. But now it seems a bill is not necessary for this progress to be made as two companies have joined forces to make the dream of vegan food availability reality.

According to the companies, their vision is to help people choose a healthier meal by providing plant-based options. In the first stage of the initiative, Fry Family Foods Co and Laemmle Theaters are jointly bringing delicious and healthy vegan products to three Laemmle theaters located in Los Angeles.

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Vegan Food in Movie Theaters is Happening

Fry’s Family Foods and Laemmle Theaters are both family-owned and operated companies. Laemmle Theaters is an iconic movie theater chain that has been providing quality moving screenings since 1938. Fry’s Family Foods, founded in South Africa in 1991, is a plant-based food chain with a global presence in 27 countries worldwide.

What do You Get?

Fry’s nuggets
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The exciting menu additions coming to selected Laemmle locations will start small with Fry’s Chik’n Nuggets, which are plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO. The Nuggets will be available first at Laemmle Theaters in North Hollywood, Glendale and Santa Monica. This move is an answer to the huge demand for something healthy and vegan in entertainment venues in L.A., and more options are in the works.

From Piggeries to Veggies: Fry’s Debut in U.S. Entertainment

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With the plant-based company’s Chik’n Nuggets, Fry’s Family Foods is set to debut in the United States, catering to health-conscious people and vegans at three iconic movie theaters in LA.. Fry’s Family Foods began when Wally and Debbie Fry decided to create healthy, plant-based foods for their family and community. Two decades later, the company is run by two generations of the Fry family, and they are excited to expand to the U.S. market.

“We are thrilled to have our food served at Laemmle Theatres—great food and great storytelling brings people together and that is a message we feel strongly about,” Tammy Fry, Global Marketing Director at Fry’s stated.  

Fry’s Chia nuggets
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Vegan Food in Movie Theaters is Happening

Fry’s Family Foods is based in Durban, South Africa, and offers quality plant-based foods. The company is associated with a number of charities globally that carry a similar mission: to stride ahead to reduce the negative impacts on health, farmed animals and the environment.

An Iconicity, an Archetype of Health Conscious

Laemmle Theaters already hold a distinct spot among theaters in the Los Angeles area, known for showcasing diverse international, independent and documentary films. Founded by brothers Kurt and Max Laemmle, this privately held company is run by the next generation, which makes the partnership with Fry’s Family Foods a match made in heaven.

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Things are Changing for the Greater Good

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With 52% Americans striving to include more greenery in their diet and over 30% population identifying as flexitarian, poll results are indications of the exponential growth in the plant-based food market over the last few years. Not only is vegan food light and healthy for our bodies, it is better environment as well, and people are becoming conscious of it.

Meatless Mondays are observed across 1800 schools and many hospitals in New York. These changes are signs that things are changing for the greater good. In a similar move, Los Angeles recently initiated vegan menu options in 35 elementary schools across the city.

With hospitals, schools and even movie theaters offering vegan menu items, things are looking up in the animal rights world! How do you feel about being able to nibble on something tastier than popcorn and soda at the movies? Let me know in the comments below.

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