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The Revenge Of The Chickens: Flock Kills Fox That Tried To Eat Them

by | March 20, 2019

If you’ve had somebody arguing with you over how chickens don’t have emotions, maybe show them this news. Not only they ‘feel’ things, a flock of some badass chickens actually killed a fox on a French farm.

I have been terrified of chickens because they can actually be mean sometimes. If you’ve lived up on a farm, you’ll know they can be angry, moody and resentful just like us. As a kid I was once chased all the way through the entire field by an angry chicken, all because I intruded during his ‘personal’ time with a ‘chick’. I still loved him though but never dared go too near him. Seems like that badass chicken gene pool is quite wide, as reportedly a flock of them in a school farm in north-western France killed a juvenile fox.

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Flock Kills Fox That Tried To Eat Them

This unusual incident happened when a juvenile fox entered the coop that housed 3000 hens, through an automatic hatch door. The door immediately closed behind him trapping him to his tragic death. Mr. Pascal Daniel, head of farming at the Gros-Chêne agriculture school in Brittany, where the incident happened, told BBC that the intruding fox stimulated the herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks. The fox had blows on his neck which is believed to be the reason of his death.

The agriculture school farm is home to around 6000 free range chickens kept within the premises of a 5 acre land. Mr. Daniel has been quoted as saying,

“A whole mass of hens can arrive together and the fox may have panicked in the face of such a big number”

Pascal Daniel (in French) as reported by BBC

Chickens are smarter than we think

Chickens have earned a reputation of being dumber than the average bird and this is often used as an excuse by meat industry to consider them just as a walking meat and egg source. Perhaps this desensitization to the pain and suffering of chickens allow them an easy escape from their guilty conscious.

However, the truth is quite far away from this popular notion. Chickens are, in fact, more intelligent and sensitive for the well being of their peers.

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A study in 2017 concluded that domestic chicken is cognitively, socially and emotionally self aware, just like most other birds and mammals. Lori Marino, the senior scientist, shared her review on chicken cognition that got published Springer’s journal.

The senior scientist shared some insightful discovery stating that chickens are aware of their place in peck order, can outmaneuver each other and have distinct personalities.

Chickens are anything but dumb.

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