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Woman Dies In Homebirth After Delivering Baby With YouTube Tutorials

by | March 13, 2019

Social stigma has unfortunately claimed many lives, the latest being an unmarried Indian woman who tried to have a homebirth with her baby by watching YouTube tutorials.

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Mother & Child Did Not Survive The Birth

In a shocking incident, a 26-year-old woman from Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh attempted the risky homebirth by watching a tutorial on YouTube. Unfortunately, both the baby and the mother did not survive

As per Times Now report, the bodies were discovered after the neighbors of the deceased woman, reported it to police. Landlord Ravi Upadhyay broke the door only to find the woman and her newborn baby inside. Beside them lay a pair of scissors, blade and thread.

The woman’s phone discovered later revealed she had been searching for ‘deliver baby by self’ videos on YouTube. Ravi Rai, the station house officer, told Hindustan Times that the possible reason for attempting self delivery was the fear of social stigma since the woman was unmarried.

Social Stigma of Single Mothers

Being an unmarried single mother is still a very big social stigma in India. Although the law doesn’t discriminate, the stigma can make her life difficult leading to, ostracization from society. There have been incidents when unmarried single mothers were denied apartments in a ‘mainstream’ society building. Until recently, getting a passport to enrolling in school, it was mandatory to have a father’s name. In fact, the law still considers fathers as the natural guardian of the child after five years of age. Mothers are only considered guardians until the child turns five.

Surge of Homebirth In Recent Years

As per WebMd, 1 in 200 American women choose to give birth at home and the number has been increasing steadily. Having a safe birth at home can certainly be an option if it is low risk pregnancy and the mom-to-be is in excellent health. A qualified midwife can help you deliver within the comfort of your home. But in case you’re suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus or HIV or you’re carrying multiples, it is strongly advised you do not attempt to deliver without a doctor’s supervision.

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