Vegan Family Road Trip, 8 Fast-Food Orders That Are Vegan!

by | August 7, 2018

Heading out on your vegan family road trip and don’t have storage for all that food? These fast-food joints have you covered!


Traveling with a bunch of kids, the dog, your agitated spouse and 2% battery power is what family vacations are all about. Yet, packing enough vegan food for that trip is sometimes more difficult than planning the vacation itself. These fast-food joints have you covered for that vegan family road trip, saving you the warm garlic hummus and broken crackers snacks.


Burger King French Toast Sticks

vegan family road trip

I know what you’re thinking. ‘I DID NOT know that’, but yup, these are as vegan as your rice crackers. They make a perfect and sweet junk food breakfast beachside.


McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

vegan family road trip

I was very skeptical on our vegan family road trip to the claims of these being vegan. Especially after it was discovered that they managed to turn the average potato fry into an omnivore dream. yet, the oatmeal is vegan, and pretty delicious too.


Denny’s Build-Your-Own Burger With Veggie Patty

vegan family road trip

Dennys seems to be as common as apple pie, they’re just about everywhere you’re going on your vegan family road trip – so it’s nice to know that when starving and in a rush, you can have some comfort food in a hot flash.


Carl’s Jr “Veg It” Famous Star Burger (with fried zucchini)

vegan family road trip

Source: IG @latashia_crenshaw

Carl’s Jr. is another meat-heavy fast-food chain, but their “secret menu” actually provides a vegan option. An easy hack: Order any burger and say “veg it,” and the meat patty will be removed. Then, stuff in a side of fried zucchini, and you have one helluva delicious burger. Just don’t forget to hold the cheese, mayo, and special sauce, too.


Domino’s Pizza Thin Crust Pacific Veggie Pizza (Hold The Cheese)

vegan family road trip

Pizza is sometimes a gamble, even if you ask for no cheese, it might still have some lurking around inside the crust. Yes, I’m looking at you Dominos and your cheese obsession. Yet, if you order the pacific veggie from Dominos, with a thin crust. You’ll get deliciousness and no room for hidden cheese.

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