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Vegan Sources Of Iron That Help You Stay Healthy

by | February 26, 2019

Learn about vegan sources of iron that might help you to maintain your iron levels during pregnancy.

Iron is one of the vitamins that vegans (and vegetarians) are most deficient in, as it is most commonly found in red meat. Not only is it a deficiency problem for us herbivores because our bodies don’t absorb iron from plants as well as they do from animal sources, but it is especially an area of concern for those who are pregnant. Iron is important because it is a component in hemoglobin, which helps to transport oxygen throughout your body to all of your tissues.

Vegan Sources Of Iron To Help You Stay Healthy
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Vegan Sources Of Iron That Help You Stay Healthy

On average, it is recommended that women have 18 mg of iron daily and that pregnant women have 27 mg per day. Some signs of its deficiency include fatigue, skin paler than usual, and shortness of breath. Being iron deficient is the most common cause for anemia. In cases of extreme iron deficiency in pregnant women, it result in a high risk of having a premature birth.

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vegan sources of iron

Cast iron skillet

Not only is a cast iron skillet amazing because they allow for non-stick, chemical-free cooking but using one can naturally add iron to your food. The longer your food cooks in the skillet, the more iron will be absorbed. These skillets have a long lifetime and are well worth the investment.

Eat more beans

Did you know that kidney beans and chickpeas are great sources of iron? One cup of kidney beans contains 15.1 mg of iron and one cup of chickpeas contains 12.5 mg. Incorporating more beans in your diet will also help with an increase of protein and fiber.

Increase Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C is beneficial because it helps your body increase its absorption of vital vitamins such as iron. Cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit, and kale. Vitamin C also has other benefits including a strengthened immune system as well providing a natural treatment for the common cold.

Iron vitamins

Taking a supplement to increase your iron intake is an easy addition to your morning routine. I take Nature Made’s 65 mg iron tablets once a day to help combat its deficiency. They are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and gluten.

How do you keep your iron levels up? Which of these vegan sources of iron you like the best? Let me know in the comments below.

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