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Veganism; Who, What is a Vegan?

by | December 12, 2018

The word vegan itches the ears of anyone who hears it for the first time. Anyway, to satisfy your curiosity about who these people are, here you are:

 Veganism is a ‘religious type’ of lifestyle where people abstain from eating animal related products, which makes plants the only option for a diet. A person who holds such a philosophical view is called a “Vegan.”

 Now, Veganism may have very complex details that go beyond just abstinence from food alone. For instance, you need to understand that there are vegans with different views about what is considered appropriate to eat. However, one view shared among all vegans is their 100%vegetative diet. So, basically, a vegan is a person who feeds only on plants(vegetables)

In 1944, The society for Vegans was initiated and for more than 5 years, we still didn’t understand what the society stood for. What didn’t know what their view was, what they believed and even what their goals were.

However, Leslie J Cross, leader of the association stood and made it clear that being a vegan isn’t just about your diet. It means total separation of humans from interacting with animals. That would mean avoiding exploitation of animals for food, clothing, and anything else. So, in detailed definition, it is someone alien, strange to animals and their products. Over time, we have seen the definition of who a vegan is evolving. Now, when we talk about a vegan, we simply mean people who feed on plants alone and we stand to be correct.

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Why Be a Vegan?

There are over a million reasons people choose to become Vegans. We can’t give a specific reason. But the compassion and respect for animals seem to be their driver. They seem to have a high esteem for animal life and see any form of exploiting animals for food, and other selfish gains as irrational. They believe animals and man should be treated the same. And that is a high appreciation for human life. This is probably the reason why many people choose to be vegans. It is important to note there are several other reasons people go to be vegans also.

Vegans are never bored. not with the food they eat. Because they feed on plants only, they have explored almost all the plant life in existence. And trust me, vegans really have tons of healthy rich meals. It includes various types and classes of fruits, green, white and colored vegetables, grains, seeds, or a combination of two or more. And so, they eat very rich food the average people don’t.

Vegans may stay away fromanything that has to do with animals in any way, but one fun fact is evolving is that they take medication. , the pride of being a vegan when you are dead? They had better use medication whenever they are sick. And most medicinal substances contain animal products and are even tested on colored before prescribing them to humans. seem don’t reject medicinal treatment. After all, they may have silly philosophical driver Don’t they? Or what do you think?



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