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“Vegans are going bananas,” Grazier’s Rebuke on Vegan Activists

by | April 11, 2019

An Australian grazier, who voluntarily helps drought-stricken farms by delivering truckloads of hay, has reportedly been inundated by phone calls from vegan activists who don’t like what he does. One telephone protester apparently told him, “LETTUCE HAS A HEARTBEAT.” In response, he took to Facebook to slam the protesters and the grazier’s rebuke on vegan activists went viral. Read on to learn more.

"Vegans are going bananas," Grazier’s Rebuke on Vegan Activists
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“Vegans are going bananas,” Grazier’s Rebuke on Vegan Activists

In a country of 25 million people, a Facebook video by Brendan Farrell, an Australian grazier, has been viewed over 500,000 times, going viral within a day. What’s more, comments on the post were overwhelmingly in support of Farrell.

Farrell founded and runs a charity called Burrumbuttock Hay Runners group which helps drought-stricken farms by delivering loads of hay. He reported in the Facebook video that enraged vegan activists had been inundating him with phone calls to relay distaste for his charity. According to Farrell, one woman told him that, “Lettuce has a heartbeat.”

What did the Vegan Activists do?

In what it is being called a “carefully orchestrated protest,” vegan activists demonstrated aggressively on the streets, farms and slaughterhouses in Australia. Activists reportedly chained themselves to vehicles in Melbourne’s CBD, and raided abattoirs in Queensland and New South Wales on Monday.  

Farrell’s Viral Post

The grazier channeled his negative feelings towards the vegan activists via a Facebook video. He said he was, “gobsmacked by the bulls**t” from the activist’s mouths and wondered. “what they’re trying to achieve.

The video featuring Grazier’s rebuke on vegan activists got 500,000 plus views
Credit: Burrumbuttock Hay Runners/ Facebook

“Vegans are going bananas,” Farrell said, “Blockades left, right and center. Flinders Street Station is in chaos. Abattoirs chained up, people locking themselves up here, there and everywhere.”

In his video, Farrell emphasized a random woman’s “lettuce has a heartbeat” line with pauses between words. He went on to say he can’t wait to “hook into” a steer that is “going to be bloody delicious at Christmas time.”

What about the Vegan Protestors?

Vegan protestors who delayed the heavy flow of traffic during rush hour while demonstrating in the streets faced severe public backlash. The grazier’s video went viral after 100 activists were forcibly removed in Melbourne by police because they blocked a major Australian intersection, causing traffic delay. 39 vegans were arrested and charged. The Australian Prime Minister reportedly called them, “green-collar criminals.” The government says it will enforce tougher penalties for similar activism in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Grazier’s rebuke on vegan activists? Let me know in the comments below.

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