Weaning And So. Much. Mess.

by | September 3, 2017

My vegan baby has been eating solid food for almost three months now and he is really enjoying it. We’re working out when and what he prefers to eat and, as we’re doing baby led weaning. Messy stuff! Although he’s really having fun exploring the different textures and tastes of his food.


One thing about this that isn’t so much fun is the mess.

So. Much. Mess.


Even if he actually leaves his bib on, he will usually wipe his hands on his legs or grab at the high chair straps, leaving them coated in slimy banana residue or bean sludge. Luckily our cats have caught on to the idea of hanging out under the chair to catch some pre-chewed goodies, but there are some things they don’t want to eat so meal clean up includes a scan of the area surrounding the high chair to spot chunks of slobbery food that have been flung aside.


Then there’s the diapers- and the clothing.

Introducing new foods means finding out what each one does to our baby’s digestive system and some create very… interesting results! Explosive poop can sometimes be too much for even the best diaper to contain so our washing pile has definitely grown recently.


Our baby is also currently working through a wonder week and as his little brain and body work at full power to master standing upright, the poor guy has been feeling a bit frustrated and indecisive. Paired with the wriggliness of someone who is keen to make the most of his newfound mobility, the wonder week clinginess can really be exhausting for all of us but we work through it.


As long as we have a little bit of time and energy at the end of each day to clean up after our food flinging explosive pooper, all is well!


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