Why Am I Exhausted? Dealing with Pregnancy Tiredness

by | December 2, 2017

We often question ourselves, and wonder if we’re doing something wrong. This is especially true when it comes to pregnancy and parenting. You, dear mother-to-be, may be wondering what’s wrong with you. Why are you so tired? Will you always feel this way? Is it something you’re doing wrong?
Actually, if you’re a healthy person, and are having a healthy pregnancy, chances are your feelings of tiredness are perfectly normal. Do you know what my first memory of being pregnant was? I was watching a really interesting (and funny) movie with my husband, and I couldn’t stay awake. I remember thinking “This never happens to me! What is going on?” One week later, I found out I was pregnant. Finally, all of the random exhaustion started to make sense. Although I was a very healthy person, and was having a healthy pregnancy, I was still unusually tired. My midwives explained it in simple terms—they said: “You’re growing a whole other person inside of you. That takes a lot of your energy!”
So, be gentle with yourself. It’s probably quite normal that you’re feeling more tired these days. Also, energy levels ebb and flow during the course of a pregnancy. So, if there are times you feel more energized, great! But when you feel more tired, don’t judge yourself.
Here are five ways you can deal with exhaustion and increase your energy:
  • Rest more. Yes, you probably could have figured this one out on your own, but sometimes we feel we need permission to prioritize our self-care, right? Consider this your full permission to rest more, sleep longer hours, and take it easy peasy.
  • Listen to your body. There will be times you feel like taking a hike or going for a swim, and other times you’ll just want to lay on the couch. Your body knows when those times are. Simply listen, and trust that if your body is telling you to rest, you probably need to.
  • Eat for energy. There’s a lot you can do to boost your energy, even (and especially) when you’ve been feeling exhausted lately. The irony is that sometimes when we feel the most tired, it triggers us to eat poorly. Hence, our not-so-great dietary choices lead us to feeling even more tired! Stop this cycle now by making better choices. Opt for lots of fresh foods, and choose organic whenever possible. Limit refined and processed foods, and try to get plenty of greens and whole foods into your daily diet. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel, and how much some simple changes can affect your energy levels!
  • Take time to meditate. Yes, I know you’re busy. But I also believe that we all have time to meditate—it’s usually just a matter of priorities. Set aside a doable amount of time (such as ten minutes) in the morning or before bed to do some meditation. You’ll be surprised at how much the act of centering yourself and breathing deeply will rejuvenate you!
  • Stay hydrated. Another super simple piece of advice here, but it’s funny how often we forget how vital this one is! Have you ever noticed how plants look when they need water? They droop down. Now, think about yourself and when you feel “droopy.” Sometimes all it takes is some water to perk you back up again! Aim for at least two quarts of water per day, but again—listen to your body. Depending on the climate you live in, your body type, your diet, and your activity level, you may need varying amounts. Make it a habit to take your water bottle with you everywhere so it’s easy to stay hydrated throughout the day.
We hope these simple tips will help you feel more energized during this precious time in your life. And again—be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re growing an entire person inside your body, and that takes a lot out of you. Stay hydrated, eat well, listen to your body, take time to get centered, and rest more often. You’re preparing for a major life change, so enjoy this time and be good to yourself!


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