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Will The World’s Strongest Man Go Vegan?

by | October 28, 2019

Icelandic actor and world’s strongest man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, has responded to an Instagram request from bodybuilder Kai Greene to give plant-based eating a try.

Björnsson, who has been crowned Europe’s Strongest Man four times and took the 2018 title of The World’s Strongest Man, was tagged in an Instagram post by Greene.

The professional bodybuilder wrote “You gotta try the plant-based diet, @Thorbjornsson. Look at gorillas bro they only eat plants! All joke aside tho, a vegan diet is more effective for a strongman than a bodybuilder – so you’ll see better benefits then I would.”

“Definitely an interesting topic!” Replied Björnsson, “I might as well give it a try for a week on my offseason. I’m always willing to give everything a chance! Especially when it comes from legends like @schwarzenegger & @kaigreene.”

Björnsson’s enthusiastic response has already racked up 906 likes, with over 79,000 people reacting to Greene’s original post.

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Increasing numbers of bodybuilders and athletes are enjoying the benefits of a plant-based diet (Source: Magdanatka / Shutterstock.com)

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Trying a Vegan Diet

Greene, who was inspired to go on a seven-day plant-based eating plan by The Game Changers producer, James Wilks, has been sharing his progress on social media. 

“I’ll tell you what,” Greene shared on Twitter on Saturday, “3 days into this plant based diet (that I want to thank so many wonderful people reaching out privately and guiding me through) I am def sweating wayyyy more during my workouts..”

Do you think Björnsson will feel the benefits of ditching animal products? Let us know in the comments below!


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