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Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever: What You Should Absolutely Not Gift

by | January 10, 2019

We all have a pretty great idea for the perfect baby shower gift for our BFF, or what we would like to receive when pregnant. If not, there are hundreds of articles on the Internet to guide you through this. But have you ever thought about what you shouldn’t gift? Here’s a collection of the worst baby shower gifts EVER!

worst baby shower gifts
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Worst Baby Shower Gifts

More than the gift, it is the thought behind it which matters. When you set out to buy a baby shower gift for your friend, cousin, sister, or sister-in-law, you aren’t just putting in money. You’re investing a lot of time and effort and the gift you give will surely speak volumes about the thought you put into it.

If you aren’t too sure about what to get, here’s a list of worst baby shower gifts to help you know what to avoid. Buy anything, just not any of these!


This has to be the first in my what-not-to-get list. Being practical is good but there’s a limit to it. Stop being lazy and unimaginative; get a real baby shower gift. Please!

Life-like Baby Dolls

They are creepy. What’s more, the mother already has a cute little bundle of joy of her own. She doesn’t need a substitute.

Used Clothes

Why would someone even gift these? Why???? In some cultures, parents do prefer used clothes for the first time their child wears anything. But please don’t make a gift out of them. You can pass them on (as long as the mother doesn’t mind) without waiting for an occasion. Keep all your ‘vintage’ clothes aside.

Anything Scented

Whether it is a citrus shampoo, vanilla body butter, or strawberry scented candles, do not gift anything that has a strong odor (even if it smells pleasant to you). Pregnant women have noses of a bloodhound thanks to the raging hormones, and they can develop aversion to literally any smell (my mum tells me she had developed hatred for anything that smelled rosy). If you don’t want your gift to be thrown in trash right away, never get anything scented.

Expensive Dry Clean Only Baby Clothes

Getting clothes could be a good idea if you know the mom too well and get the right size. Just don’t get expensive ‘dry clean only’ baby clothes. Babies are messy and there will surely be a lot of puking, peeing, and pooping. Are you sure you want to be remembered every time the mum collects them from dry cleaners? Chances are high she may discard them instead and you can’t blame her. You made her do this.

Gym Membership

You could be playing with fire! Getting a gym membership for a soon-to-be mum is like the worst idea ever. You’re practically body shaming her. Besides, that gym membership card lying around in her dresser or purse would be a constant reminder of your genuine ‘concerns‘ till eternity. Avoid this option like the plague even if your friend is a fitness freak.

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