6 Reasons To Be Glad Your Kid Loves Vegan “Bad Guy” Billie Eilish

by | February 17, 2020

With her less-than-grandma-approved image, and the apparently dark themes present in her music, it may seem reasonable for parents to be wary of Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old “pop” sensation who’s risen to fame as one of the biggest names in music today.

Dripping in acrylic nail appliqués and designer clothing, and pumping out hit songs with titles like “all good girls go to hell” and “bad guy,” she may not seem role-model material at first take — but let’s look past this book’s cover, shall we?

What follows are six reasons why Billie Eilish, in all her ultra-rich, painfully famous glory, may just be a name in pop you want your kids to look up to.

vegan Billie Eilish
Eilish goes green in more ways than one (Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock.com)

She’s a Loud-And-Proud Vegan

Given that we are the publication that we are, let’s start here, shall we?

Billie Eilish is a proud vegan and animal lover — from cute-and-furries to creepy-crawlies and everything in between.

While perhaps a bit heavy-handed in her messaging, the star remains — despite the pressure vegans face to sit down and shut up on the daily — firm on her stance on animal exploitation, as was evidenced by an Instagram story she recently shared featuring a picture of a mink which she captioned as follows.

“Just so you know…this is a mink. You b*tches getting mink lashes and mink slippers disgust me lol,” she wrote. “Where yo heart at?”

Not always so colorful in her expression, the star took to Tumblr in 2017 to defend animals with a more diplomatic approach.

“I went vegan, like, four years ago. There were a lot of reasons,” the star wrote. “I love animals and I just think there’s no point in creating something out of an animal when the animal is already there. Leave animals alone. Damn.”

Vgan Billie Eilish Performing
Eilish stands up for the causes she believes in (Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock.com)

She’s An Environmental Advocate

Eilish has also put her celebrity clout to work for the environment.

Last year, she joined forces with fellow vegan celebrity Woody Harrelson to raise awareness of environmental devastation in a video released in collaboration with Green Peace.

This year, she aims to increase sustainability by going green for her 2020 world tour.

That said, this humble teen doesn’t hesitate to call attention to truly committed environmentalists, having recently praised teen activist Greta Thunberg for “kicking people’s ass” in a YouTube segment with Vanity Fair.

Billie Eilish
Perhaps she”s not the best mannered teen but it’s clear Eilish has respect for her mom (DFree/Shutterstock)

She’s Her Own Kind Of Momma’s Girl

With her undeniable foul mouth (personally, #hereforit) and an image perhaps best described as Goosebumps glam (here for that, too), Eilish doesn’t exactly read as the big softy she does, with time, expose herself to be.

One of the most apparent signs of the love this rough-and-tumble teen has to give is her relationship with, and the way she talks about, her mom.

Taking a characteristic pass on what so many teens seem to do — namely, putting approximately a cosmic lightyear between themselves and their parents in public — Eilish is unabashed in her celebration of her mom. (Aw.)

Whether this be in pulling her mom on stage at her Spotify album release party so she could sing to her on her birthday or the tears that came to the young star’s eyes as she listened to her proud parent share her story on The Late Late Show last year, the love and appreciation is clear.

Billie Eilish and Finneas
Eilish says her brother Finneas is her “best friend” ((Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock.com)

She’s Best Friends With Her Brother

As if her bond with her mother weren’t cute enough, Eilish’s relationship with her big bro is the kind many parents dream of for their kids.

Despite the four years between them, Finneas is not only her partner in music, but her very best friend. Taking a look at the pair’s relationship, it’s easy to understand why.

Not only did he just as well deliver on a promise she says he made in jest — to make her “the biggest pop star in the world” — but he remains a crucial figure in her life.

“I think he’s the only reason I’m anywhere, in the whole world,” Eilish said, at a recent Variety event. “He’s probably the only reason I’m alive.”

Finneas’ response was just as heartfelt.

“There’s a lot of, like, bullsh*t articles about me now, about how I’m not just Billie Elish’s brother — and just being Billie Eilish’s brother is all I ever wanna be. I love Billie more than anything else,” he said, turning toward his sister. “And I’m so grateful to you, and I love you.”

As far as I’m concerned, the pair can drop all the F-bombs they want as long as they keep this sh*t up. 

Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Performing
Eilish has the maturity to see how good she has it — despite her woes (Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock.com)

The Gratitude Attitude

While Eilish has shown herself to be a confident artist and professional — no easy task for young people in or out of the spotlight today — she remains humble and grateful, always.

Not only does she consistently call to attention what her family has done for her, and what they continue to do for her every day, she is profoundly appreciative of her fans.

“I genuinely did not think people would care. I can’t even stress it enough. I can’t believe people care so much — about me,” she told Vanity Fair. “It’s crazy to me.”

In the same interview, she shared how her attitude has changed around the lifestyle her career has granted her.

“I like this life that I have. I like being famous. It’s very weird but it’s very cool. I feel like I can say that now because I used to hate it,” she said. “I hated doing press and I hated being recognized and I hated — kind of everything that had to do with it. There’s a lot in fame that’s f*cking gross and horrible and just miserable but I’m very grateful for it. It’s really rare, and I’m very lucky so I’m so done with complaining about it.

“I complained about it for so long.”

Billie Eilish In Green World Tour
It’s clear Eilish is going to do Eilish (Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock.com)

The Beat Of Her Own Drum

At the end of the day, Eilish is a young woman who appears absolutely hellbent on marching to the beat of her own (f*cking) drum. 

Whether it be through the unabashed love for her family, her choice not to drink, her veganism, her unapologetic confidence, or even through opting to wear baggy clothes — which she says is to ensure others don’t feel entitled to have an opinion on her body — she is doing her, with a sense of self awareness that you don’t always find in the rich and famous, let alone in those not old enough to drink.

Oh — and the music? It’s just music. A bad guy, judging by the evidence, Billie Eilish is not.

What did we miss? Which track is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

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