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Anxiety in New Dads is a Thing. Find out More About it Here

by | March 15, 2019

This matter, you know, anxiety in new dads while their partner is pregnant or nearing delivery and even post-pregnancy, is a thing. Birthing is a process that has its challenges. The blues are faced by both parents, differently. But what about men? They want to be the apt support to his mom-to-be wife, thereby suppressing the anxiety beneath the supportive façade they often attain. Yes, I know, men don’t carry the child, but this doesn’t mean he won’t be anxious. Read on to know more.

What is Anxiety in New Dads?

Do you remember the plans and advise you went for before you conceived? Do you remember the anticipation for the future baby you and your partner had after conceiving? In all these, most probably you weren’t alone. Your partner too was there planning and preparing for the baby. Therefore, if something in which you both have been actively involved since the beginning, like pregnancy, it is not limited to a woman. Maybe physically, but not emotionally and mentally. Men do have their share of concerns in the process, just like a woman. He was there with you, now that you’ve conceived he is still there, and as you’re nearing delivery, he too is nearing to encounter the same. But the anxiety and depression come from other issues also. He feels left out, neglected. Because the process of birth is so intimately interrelated with a woman, men often feel left-out, helpless and ignored in the process, according to Dr. Liana Leach, reported the Daily Mail UK. But this isn’t the end. A bit of planning and mutual support (from you) will take dads over the baby blues.

Why Does Anxiety in New Dads Exist?

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Why shouldn’t he be? He may not be carrying the child in his body, but his mind and heart are continually carrying the mother and child. As you know, fathers sometimes feel neglected and left out in the process of pregnancy, which is one cause of anxiety. The other reason is the anticipation of the future. As the baby is getting ready to arrive, responsibilities come with it. Like a mother has a set of duties from the moment the baby arrives (like breastfeeding), what about the dad? He is anxious about his roles and duties, of being a responsible dad.

He feels helpless during delivery

anxiety in new dads
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Anxiety in New Dads

This is where men feel entirely left out. Delivery of a child has nothing to do with a dad physically. At most he can be the support to the mom while in the process. Men’s experience during delivery varies from man to man. Some men cry seeing the pain of woman, and some don’t want to see anything at all, whereas some want to ease their partner’s pain. In short, they feel helpless.

They want to be the best Dad

William Pollack, Ph.D., director of the Center for Men and Young Men at McClean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts notes that today’s men more actively wants to engage in child-care than their fathers a decade ago. Therefore, child-care, for him is a new thing. and his father may not have as much time interacting with the newborn. The sudden engagement with the new-born is, therefore, a cause of panic. He lacks a role model who will teach him the ideal father he wants to be, reports

Dad-hood is new to him

anxiety in new dads
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Anxiety in New Dads

First-time dads have to go through a lot of changes in life, with the arrival of his baby. Many men get anxious with the advent of his child thinking that it is the end of his social life, and more broadly his youth. Some men worry about the financial extension that comes with the baby. Relationship with the wife also concerns few men. But that may not be the case, as you know it. With a little planning and scheduling, with time, more importantly, fathers will ace their fatherhood.

Everything new feels different some way or the other. The arrival of a baby is life-changing for both the parents. While the mothers, unquestionably have a lot to do with the baby, fathers too are eager with their part. Time is changing, and so the gender dynamics. What do you think? Comment below.

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