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Are Danish Dairy Farmers Scared To Let The World Know Of Their Practices?

by | December 16, 2018

Seems like Danish dairy farmers are too scared to let the world know of how they treat their farm animals. They have refused the tempting offer of £6,000 to let cameras inside their dairy farms. This leaves us wondering, what exactly goes inside these animal ‘enclaves‘? 

danish dairy farmers
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danish dairy farmers
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Danish Dairy Farmers 

Denmark’s Dairy farmers, who are associated with British brands like Lupark and Anchor, have refused the offer to let animal rights group record the production of dairy products. The farmers, supplying dairy products for firms behind these giant names, denied the cash offer worth £6,000 shutting the gates of their animal farms for animal rights campaigners.

Anima, the Animal Rights Group, approached dairy farmers with an aim to film the production of milk and milk products. They claim their motive was to reveal dairy farming practices prevalent in Denmark and United Kingdom, which involves shooting male calves dead, taking newborns away from their mothers within hours of their birth, and killing male calves as young as one-day old.

The latest move to spread awareness about animal farm practices seems to come after a recent YouGov poll, that highlighted the ignorance of general public about the rampant animal abuse in the dairy industry. The survey highlighted that less than fifty percent of the Danish public knew about the mandatory births and pregnancies cows have to undergo to produce milk. Even more shocking was the fact that only about one third people knew calves are removed within few hours of their birth. 


Majority of dairy farmers in Denmark supply milk and milk products to Arla Foods, the parent firm of big names like Anchor and Lurpak. 

Anima in its statement to media said, “We asked Arla to show us what the process of separation calf from mother was like and let us film, including when many of the calves are shot at birth. They refused, saying they couldn’t show us because they’re not the farmers.” 

Then the animal rights group took to media and put up adverts in around 11 national dailies, offering close to £6000 to Danish dairy farmers who allowed filming within their farm premises. But the offer was quickly turned down.

It amuses as well as worries us, as to what dirty secrets are dairy farmers hiding that they won’t allow cameras within their animal farms. Are they too scared to let the world know of inhumane practices, rampant in the dairy industry? We sincerely hope not, but the message seems wide and clear. Go Dairy Free!

Did you know about the Danish dairy farmers practices? Let us know in the comments. 

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