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Australian Burger Chain Grill’d has Launched Beef Like Vegan Burger

by | April 18, 2019

Grill’d, the Australian burger giant had completely ditched beef from their menu on the Monday, April 15th, as a way to encourage people to go plant-based and try their new beef like vegan burger. The fast-food chain specializing in burgers decided to give up meat for a day and reportedly by 2020, as much as 50 percent of their offering will be plant-based.

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Aussie burger giant Grill’d to offer four new beef like vegan burger

The major Australian burger chain decided to go meat-free for 24 hours on Monday, April 15th as a way of encouraging folks to choose plant-based. Customers have been increasingly choosing plant-based for both health and environment-related reasons, and their meat-free Monday has coincided with their latest launch of four new plant-based burgers, as the company pledged to turn 50% plant-based by 2020.

Simon Crowe, founder of Grill’d said the new plant-based burgers taste absolutely like beef. He also mentioned that regardless of reasons, be it for health, moral or climate-change, the demand for meat-free is very real. The sales of meat-free burgers at Grill’d have grown more than 100 percent in the last year alone and meat-eaters under 30 are the patrons choosing the most plant-based.   

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Aussie burger giant Grill’d to offer four new beef like vegan burger

“We genuinely believe plant-based alternatives will form a huge part of the future of burgers, especially with our new menu selection of Beyond Burgers that taste just like beef,” said Crowe, adding that this is the reason Grill’d encouraged customers to go plant-based on Monday, and their new plant-based burger launch is the epitome of their commitment to innovation.

It must be noted that Grill’d’s new plant-based offerings will reportedly not be vegan unless requested, after which it will be prepared on a separate grill. As reported, Grill’d’s new meat-free menu will include, “Beyond Chipotle,” “Beyond Garden Goodness” and “Beyond Crispy Bacon & Cheese,” among others.

Aussies Eat Less Meat According to Consumer Research from Grill’d

National consumer research released by Grill’d show that more than half of Australians (one of the largest red meat eating populations in the world) eat less meat than before and one third have said they’d have less meat if there were more alternatives.

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