B-12 From A Vegan Burger?!?

by | January 3, 2018

Wondering how to get your daily value of B-12? Just eat a burger!

That’s right! Watch out Beyond and Impossible Burgers, there’s a new vegan burger coming across the pond with a nutritional twist! Meet the B-12 Burger!

“Together, we can build a better world. Together we can move mountains.” – Moving Mountains Foods

Plant-based British Company, Moving Mountains Foods, is hoping to break ground with the first ever bleeding meatless burger in the U.K. in 2018. This has come after two painstaking years of experimentation and testing. The company’s owner, Simeon Van der Molen, is a passionate vegan concerned about the environmental issues plaguing the Earth. He has made the mission of the company to “make a real and long-lasting change” with this plant-based burger as it offers a meat free product that “requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions” than its animal derived counterpart.


The ingredients in the B-12 Burger are GMO and MSG free, 100 percent plant-based and include wheat and soy proteins, mushrooms, beetroot and potatoes. They have also added coconut oil to provide a fattier texture and of course B-12. The burger also compares to the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger with 20g of protein per patty.


So much excitement going into the new year as Veganism is expected to continue to grow and influence the food industry and beyond. We have veganized versions of classical dishes like mince pies and companies like Pizza Hut offering vegan options. Big brands like Tom Ford going vegan and cruelty free. What else is to come in 2018 in the vegan scene??


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Michelle Alvarado I began my vegan journey after becoming pregnant. I initially did it for my/ our health but quickly learned about the horrible treatment of animals that goes on and it turned into a bigger thing than myself. I currently live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, son and shelter pup (she’s 11 but will always be a puppy in my eyes). I went to school for communications but pursued a career in early childhood education and was a preschool teacher for almost a decade. I owe my insight in child development to my hands on experience in the field and hope to utilize it to further the progress of future vegan generations. I am beyond grateful to have found Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting and Raise Vegan, not only for the platform that it has provided me to further the awareness of vegan family resources but for what I have personally gained from it by being a member and from knowing these wonderful women. I look forward to all the amazing things to come as we help pave the way and provide a haven of love an support for vegan families.


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