Credits: Arctic Fox

Chatting With Arctic Fox, The Vegan Hair Dye Brand Loved By All

by | July 10, 2019

It is the vegan hair dye brand we all have fallen in love with. Arctic Fox was created in 2014 by beauty connoisseur Kristen Leanne, who is passionate about brilliant hair colors and animal rights. Kristen Leanne and her partner Ryan Morgan endeavored to create a line-up of cruelty-free and semi-permanent vegan hair dyes that offer vivid colors in a highly pigmented formula. 

Chatting With Arctic Fox, The Vegan Hair Dye Brand Loved By All
Credits: Arctic Fox

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Chatting With Arctic Fox, The Vegan Hair Dye Brand Loved By All

A core value of Arctic Fox was to create all of their products featuring all-natural ingredients without the harsh chemicals that many other hair dye brands include. Arctic Fox also donates a portion (15% of profits to be exact) towards organizations preventing animal cruelty and rehabilitation of animals all over the world, such as Second Chance Animal Shelter, International Fund for Animal Awareness, and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

Arctic Fox has ambitiously created a wide array of colors, from radiant reds to bold blues. Arctic Fox has over twenty colors to choose from, all being vegan and cruelty-free.  Read on to learn more about Arctic Fox in our exclusive interview with them and how they have incorporated their celebration of LGBTQ pride into their brand.

Arctic Fox is without a doubt, one of the leading names in vegan-friendly hair dye. How has AF worked to make vegan beauty products more accessible to all?

“Being vegan and cruelty-free is extremely important to us and has been before we ever even launched. We spent 2 years on research and development to make sure we could source the best vegan ingredients for our product. With our price point and quality, we’ve made great vegan products easily accessible, and we’re very proud of that!” – Kristen Leanne, Founder of Arctic Fox

Where did the idea for AF’s new LGBTQ+ Pride Pack come from? Is this something we can expect to see more of for future pride months?

“Definitely. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. Pride means something unique to all of us, and it means something to our community. To be truly “seen” and loved for who we are required us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. Vulnerability is an act of courage. The most common thing I hear about why people color their hair is “I just feel like me” with colorful hair. Not everyone is going to get it but it’s not for them. There are as many paths as there are travelers, and we want everyone to feel as included, supported and loved as humanly possible. And to be honest, a rainbow bundle is something our users have asked for a lot. Give the people what they want! Who doesn’t love rainbows?” – Lindsey Hardin, Digital Marketing Manager at Arctic Fox

Credits: Arctic Fox- the vegan hair dye brand

How is AF’s Pride Pack working to spread awareness about LGBTQ+ pride and how does that tie into AF’s company as a whole?

“Our Pride Pack is all about celebrating LGBTQ+ identities during pride and celebrating the individuality that hair color can express. Any color can be created to perfectly suit your individual taste, so no one’s identity gets forgotten, passed over, or ignored. We’re here to celebrate every color of the LGBTQ+ rainbow!” – Coley Baker, Community Engagement Supervisor at Arctic Fox

What can one do on a personal level this pride month to show love and support for both themselves and others?

“It’s always good to check in on your friends regularly, but something I think doesn’t get brought up a lot is checking in with your LGBTQ+ friends during Pride. As much of a celebration as Pride is, it can still be tinged with less-happy feelings for many LGBTQ+ folks. Rejection is sadly still a very common theme in many LGBTQ+ folks’ lives, and rejection from family and friends never really goes away, even during Pride. Taking a minute to say “Hey, I see you, and I love you just as you are” can really help if your friend is going through a hard time, or can just be a kind affirmation during a time of celebration – which is never a bad idea!” – Coley Baker, Community Engagement Supervisor at Arctic Fox

We also asked on our Instagram story what Pride meant to our Fox Fam and thought it would be cool to share with you a response that stood out to us.

“To me, pride means celebrating how far we’ve come. Pride mean[s] celebrating those who can express themselves openly, and those who cannot… Pride means appreciating differences and showing how beautiful they are. Pride means seeing that there is no normal. Pride means realizing how amazing our world is. And most importantly? Pride means love. Love for everyone, love for everything. Pride means learning to love yourself. Pride means learning to love.” – Clark, member of the Fox Fam


With more and more brands shifting towards offering cruelty-free and vegan products in the beauty world, Arctic Fox has been a forerunner in allowing their passion for animal rights and LGBTQ pride to shine through their products. Have you tried Arctic Fox’s vegan hair dye? Which color speaks to you most? Let us know in the comments.

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