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These Vegan Baby Shower Food Ideas Will Wow Your Guests

by | July 9, 2019

Throwing a fully vegan baby shower should not feel like a daunting task, nor should you feel like relatives or friends will be ‘missing out’ on delicious food if you choose to go with an all plant-based menu for your guests. If you are looking for vegan baby shower food ideas that can wow even your nonvegan friends, you are at the right place. Keep scrolling.

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These Vegan Baby Shower Food Ideas Will Wow Your Guests

There are many delicious sweet and savory options that you can include in your baby shower that will have guests wondering, ‘is it all vegan?’


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Cupcakes with buttermilk frosting are easy to veganize, and there are plenty of websites that have amazing recipes. This Lemon Chiffon Bundt Cake recipe is a fantastic option that will leave your guests wanting more. Or, a quick google search will help you find a delicious recipe that will suit your tastebuds! If you aren’t going the DIY route, then most bakers will easily be able to whip you up a vegan-friendly option.

Vegan Cheese Board

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A vegan cheese board is another great option. There are an array of gourmet brands available these days that taste absolutely decadent. From Miyoko, to Follow Your Heart, Artisa, Damona, the Vegan Dairy and more. There is sure to be one or two that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Fruit Platter

This is my favorite of all the vegan baby shower food ideas.
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If your baby shower is in the summer or spring, a decadent fruit platter that is a feast for the eyes could also be another fresh and delicious option. This is my favorite of all the vegan baby shower food ideas.

Mini Sandwiches

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Mini sandwiches such as these Apple and Cucumber Sandwiches can bring an element of High Tea to your shower.

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Veggie Sticks

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Veggie Sticks with hummus or vegan tzatziki can also be a healthy and delicious option to have at your baby shower.

Remember, it is your baby shower. If you choose to go with all vegan baby shower food, then it is your choice. If you are worried about creating a rift, then doing brunch or an afternoon dairy-free tea could be an option. So everyone can eat main meals immediately before or after the shower, and you are just providing snacks.

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