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Brits Now Can Savour Vegan Cornish Pasties Thanks to Morrisons

by | July 9, 2019

The British supermarket chain, Morrisons, is bringing on a plant-based version of the traditional Cornish Pasty; keeping the recipe as close to the original as possible. Morrison’s claims they’re the first supermarket to do so.
Are you craving a Cornish Pasty? Now you can enjoy one cruelty-free!

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Vegan Cornish Pasty Arrives at British Supermarket Chain Morrisons

Keeping the recipe as close to the original as possible, the British supermarket Morrisons is launching a vegan version of the traditional Cornish Pasty, crafted by hand in Cornwall, the Metro UK reports. You can grab yours at all the store’s Pie Shop counters across the nation.

Wondering what’s going inside those super-tasty vegan pasties? A traditionally seasoned mix of vegan mince, made of potato, onion, and swede, wrapped with a rough puff crimped flakey pasty.

Steve Halford, Pasty Buyer at Morrisons, explained to Metro UK some of their customers want to cut down red meat intake, and hence Morrison’s is offering an alternative – equally tasty like the original, but meat-free. The media outlet has defined the taste and texture of the product as “meaty, packed with veg, warm and comforting.”

Grab your own at £3 for two vegan pasties or one for £1.75.

In May this year, the supermarket launched a vegan pulled barbeque jackfruit and vegan cheese pizza. Priced at £2.75 or two for £5, the irresistible offering is even customizable per your preference, Vegan Food and Living reports.

What do you think about the vegan Cornish Pasty at Morrison’s? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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