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Chatting with Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand Si-Bell

by | June 5, 2019

Founded in 1996, the company Sterne specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of custom products (primarily medical devices), which are silicone-based, for more than 23 years. In 2010, they have integrated an Italian company business unit called “Si-Line”with one of their main products – the menstrual cup “Si-Bell”. Since its creation, the Si-Bell has always been manufactured in the Provence, France area.

Si-BELL’s founding inspiration was to make menstrual cups more accessible to women around the world, and to also create period products that are gentler on the environment. Raise Vegan had the opportunity to chat with the Si-Bell Team, about the brand’s history, and specifics of their product as well as advocacy work.

Eco-Friendly Feminine Care
Si-Bell Menstrual Cup: Eco-Friendly Feminine Care
Photo: Annika Lundkvist

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Chatting with Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand Si-Bell

Here are the excerpts from the chat.

What was the inspiration behind the founding of Si-Bell-specifically the development of a menstrual cup?

SI-BELL: To help women to deal and feel better during their period, to give access for more women around the world to proper feminine care conditions, and of course give a chance to help women to respect their environment.

What is the importance of silicone as a material for the Si-BELL cup?

SI-BELL: There are various kinds of silicone; regarding our Si-BELL cup, we are using a medical grade silicone with a platinum catalyst base, consolidating the use of the cup inside the vagina which is mucous. Then, silicone comes from natural resources called silicium. Silicone advantages are that it is a neutral and biocompatible material and silicone does not promote the development of bacteria.

Si-Bell Menstrual Cup: Eco-Friendly Feminine Care
Photo: Annika Lundkvist

What is your brand doing for people who get periods?

SI-BELL: Our main goal is to help women become acquainted with the menstrual cup, thus since 2010 we work with different commercial partners to expand the cup awareness through the world, and it seems it’s worked! For 2 to 3 years, the cups market has seen real growth and we can observe a lot of new brands. The reality is that the Si-Bell isn’t the core business of Sterne.

Regarding the cup and our positioning, we are currently working on a new project focusing always on our main goal which is: to give access to a maximum of women to proper hygiene conditions. Thus, focused on a rising problem of feminine hygiene conditions in penitentiary centers, we are looking at how to help penitentiary centers via distributing Si-Bell cups for inmates.

The market for eco-friendly feminine products & hygiene is currently in a stage of really dynamic growth & innovation. Where do you see SI-BELL in this global network of brands for eco-feminine products?

SI-BELL: We have been selling the SI-BELL for about 10 years, and we understand better women’s expectations regarding feminine care. Thus, a few years ago we decided to make little changes in our cup design to better fit women. But even if we are in the cup market, and thereby making eco-feminine products for 10 years, we do not want to be a big player. We remain committed to our first objective which is to give access to every woman to proper feminine hygiene conditions. Thus, we help and support our commercial partners in introducing new markets to the SI-BELL cup.

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