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Cowspiracy Director To Release New Vegan Documentary, Hungry For Justice

by | July 10, 2019

Keegan Kuhn, the Director behind popular documentaries such as What The Health, Cowspiracy and Running For Good is currently producing a new vegan documentary, Hungry For Justice. 

Cowspiracy Director To Release New Vegan Documentary
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Cowspiracy Director To Release New Vegan Documentary

The documentary is being made in collaboration with John Lewis aka Bad Ass Vegan, and will look at food deserts, the links between the pharmaceutical industry and poor nutrition as well as environmental racism through hip hop culture according to VegNews

If you have followed Lewis, aka Bad Ass Vegan on Instagram, you will know what a powerhouse he is for the vegan movement. Lewis does not shy away from taking a stand and speaking up against social injustices. So the combination of Kuhn and Lewis together on a documentary will surely make Hungry For Justice one to watch. 

According to the reports, the film will also star A-List stars such as NeYo and Jermaine Dupri, vegan doctors and athletes. Unfortunately, there is no release date as of yet, but we will keep you informed when we learn of the date. You can follow the film’s official Instagram for updates here.

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