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Embarrassing People Into Reusing Their Plastic Bags? This Idea Is Brilliant

by | June 13, 2019

No to doubt, grocery stores and supermarkets, both independent and chain-giants are going great lengths to lessen the harmful impact of plastic pollution. Urging customers, to be more conscious and making them reuse their old plastic bags, can be done rather hilariously, using embarrassment as a device. And this Canadian supermarket has nailed it! Keep reading to find out how?

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Embarrassing People Into Reusing Their Plastic Bags? This Idea Is Brilliant

Independent grocery store from Vancouver, Canada, called East West Market has employed a rather rib-tickling method to literally force customers to bring their own shopping bags, least they don’t want themselves to be found strolling the city with such farcical slogans. The method has been planned, exactly striking those cords, which everyone in their conscious-self will try to avert- being voluntarily embarrassed!

According to multiple reports, if customers don’t want to walk out red-faced, they better bring their own shopping bags- perhaps the East-West Market grocery store has made sure they do! With boldly and attractively written slogans like ‘Into The Weird Adult Video Emporium’ and ‘The Colon Care Co-op’ and even ‘Wart Ointment Wholesale’ (Lol) on the very face of the plastic shopping bags they’ll provide, the store’s creative device to combat plastic pollution is something, not to be messed with. The store has gone this length to ensure people bring their own bags while shopping, encouraging reusing.

Credit: @rnajm20/ Twitter

“The message is, we should make a conscious effort to save our planet one step at a time. [Plastic bags] are a big problem, and every step helps,” told owner of East West Market on Main Street and King Edward Avenue, David Lee Kwen to Global News.

David agreed that people even bought the bags to show their friends and keep them as a novelty, nonetheless, the strategy seems to be working. Speaking about the longevity of this creative campaign, Kwen mentioned that since printing the bags costs the store extras, it would be limited-edition unless demand seeks more, reports Global News. David Lee Kwen was quoted as saying-

“It’s certainly generated interest in what we’re trying to put out.

“Once you start a conversation, it will skyrocket from there, I think.”

David Lee Kwen to Global News

The plastic bags will also cost five cents more, alongside the embarrassment, according to the report. What do you think of such a creative way to combat plastic pollution?

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