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Fishless Fish in the Works at Impossible Foods

by | July 16, 2019

Impossible Foods, the brand behind the explosively popular Impossible Burger, has apparently set its sights on the seafood market as it pursues the development of an entirely fishless fish.

Impossible Foods Sets Sights On Fish Alternative Market
Credit: @ImpossibleFoods/ Twitter

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Impossible Foods Sets Sights On Fish Alternative Market

According to the New York Times, the highly popular meat alternative company is well on its way to joining a budding seafood alternative industry. 

Best known for its ‘bleeding’ burger patty, the brand has been using one of its flagship burger’s key ingredients, heme, in the development of an animal-free fish alternative. CEO Pat Brown reports great success replicating fish flavor thus far.

According to Brown, last month, the brand’s team of over 100 Research and Development personnel developed an anchovy flavored broth made exclusively from plants. 

Environmental Concerns

Regarding Impossible Foods’ work in the animal product alternative market, Brown often brings environmental concerns to the table, and in this case, has even cited what he calls an “ongoing meltdown” of fish populations.

“With respect to the urgency of the environmental impact, fish are second to cows, followed by other animals,” Brown said. “That’s how I view it, and that factors into how we think about priority.”

An End to Animal Products?

As part of the brand’s master plan to thwart violent and environmentally devastating animal product industries, it aims to release suitable replacements for all animal products by the year 2035.

Brown realizes; however, the key to shifting consumer habits is making great-tasting products.

“The only way we can succeed is to make fish from plants that are more delicious than the fish that’s strip-mined from the ocean,” he said.

Fish Alternative Market

Impossible Foods, while surely a groundbreaking brand, isn’t the first to set its sights on the fish alternative market. Brands such as VBites, Gardein, Lumo, and Good Catch are already offering plant-based and vegan alternatives to conventional fish, available in a number of countries around the world.

Will you try the new fish alternative? Share your thoughts in comments. 

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