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Flu Virus On The Rise In The US Alongside Global Coronavirus Outbreak

by | February 4, 2020

While the coronavirus has recently been declared a global health emergency, the reported incidences of the flu are notably higher this in the US this flu season than in previous years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that as of January 29 there are five known cases of coronavirus in the US, and 11,980 cases of the flu virus.

The CDC has revealed that more than 140,000 people have been hospitalized with the flu this season, and 8,200 people have died as a result of this virus. Experts have predicted that high levels of flu activity will persist over the next few weeks. 

flu virus hospitalization
Flu related hospitalizations are at a high number this year (Photo: fizkes/Shutterstock.com)

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Flu Virus Vaccination

Although there is no known vaccine to protect against coronavirus, it is possible to vaccinate against the flu. It is currently the “deadliest vaccine-preventable disease in the U.S.”

Non-profit organization Families Against Flu is working to educate parents in the US on the importance of getting vaccinated. 

coronavirus blood test
The coronavirus outbreak has so far spread to 16 countries from China (Photo: SamaraHeisz5/Shutterstock.com)

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Spread Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is understood to have spread from the city of Wuhan in China to 16 different countries. 426 people are known to have died so far.

Experts have suggested that the deadly virus likely came from an outbreak at a live animal market.

“We are coming into contact with species of wildlife and their habitats that we were not with before,” said Dr Ben Embarek from the World Health Organisation.

“We are suddenly exposing ourselves to totally new viruses we have never been in contact with in the past.”

“A Number Of New Diseases”

“Therefore, we have a number of new diseases linked to new contacts between humans and previously unknown viruses, bacteria and parasites.”

Campaigners are urging the Chinese government to permanently ban the wildlife trade in the wake of the viral outbreak.

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