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Ford Releases Details Of New Vegan Mustang

by | November 20, 2019

American car manufacturer Ford has released details of its new five-seater vegan mustang — the Mach-E SUV.

The car can be purchased with a variety of different interior design options — all of which are made with vegan materials. The Mach-E SUV is not only animal-friendly, but is also good for the environment as it is electric.

“We wanted it to be an animal-free product,” said Brittany Moss, a designer at Ford. Moss explained that this decision was in line with the kind of customer Ford would like to attract.

This new addition to the mustang family will be available to buy in late 2020 from Ford dealerships.

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Environmentally friendly cars are becoming more mainstream (Source: Den Rozhnovsky/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Cars

Ford is not the first company to respond to the increasing consumer demand for animal-free and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Earlier this year Tesla released its Model 3 with a leather-free interior and steering wheel, making this an entirely vegan vehicle. Tesla stopped using leather for car seats in 2017, and with the release of this model has addressed the use of leather in its steering wheels.

Volvo and Audi are also said to be releasing vegan cars next year.

Do you think other car manufacturers should be doing more to eliminate animal products from vehicles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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