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Gillette’s Ad Row Brings Out the Good Guys

by | January 19, 2019

Gillette’s ad row over asking men to stand up and teach boys to be good humans, brings out the good guys. Though there were men all over the place losing their minds but there seems to be a silver lining with good guys coming forward. Though still you can’t turn on a news channel or browse social media without seeing a dude lose his absolute sh*t.

So, because I’m an idiot sometimes and love a good self-trigger I’ve been reading all the comments. Each vitriolic outburst made me boil with anger and frustration. Even some of the men in my own life were offended by this ad. I’m still struggling to understand why some guys are getting so defensive.

Gillette's Ad Row Brings Out the Good Guys

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Gillette’s Ad Row Brings Out the Good Guys

Anyway, today I decided to give my heart a little break from the caustic commentary. Obviously, I couldn’t stay off social media, so I figured if I was going to read comments about the ad, they would only be the good ones. Wow, twitter you did not let me down. There are good dudes out there. My faith in huMANity has been restored!!

Here are some of the tweets from a few of the good guys!

Jordan says those offended are the ones engaging in shitty behavior. I’m pretty sure Matheus in his reply, just unknowingly defined mansplaining

Gillette’s Ad Row Brings Out the Good Guys

Josh pretty much thinks we’re screwed. He may be right.

All-en hits them where it hurts! Its relieving to see light at the end of the dark tunnel with good guys coming out over Gillette’s ad row.

I feel like the heavens opened up and angels started singing when I read this tweet by Scott Murphy. This guy gets it!

Stephen thinks some people need some time to reflect.

Then they came for him. Imagine thinking you were insulting someone by calling them a vagina? Ugh these guys just have no clue.

I’ve a feeling that Just Some Guy might be on to something.

LOL Liberal Ted.

If you haven’t heard of this guy, you’ve been hiding under a rock. One of two things had to have happened here: 1. He flushed the razor down the toilet and messed up the plumbing in his mom’s basement or 2. He had to put his grubby baby fingers into a bowl that frequently get splattered with his own sh*t. I’m happy with either outcome.

I couldn’t go without giving some of the ladies a shout out. Vermillion pretty much said what we’ve all been saying FOR YEARS!!!!

Gabriela speaks the truth here, am I right ladies? This guy having a fit down there “you don’t know me”

Dr. Deborah Jump obviously knows how frustrating it is to be told to smile.

What do you think of this whole Gillette controversy?

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