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It’s Veganuary 2019, No It’s Januhairy – it’s Veganuhairy

by | January 10, 2019

Januhairy or Veganuary 2019 ? Nah, it’s Veganuhairy!

Step aside Movember, it’s Januhairy, and it’s the ladies turn to grow body hair. January will now and forever be known as Januhairy. A month where the ladies can freely grow their body hair without fear of mockery, because, you know, it’s a movement now. It’s cool.

It's Veganuary 2019, No It's Januhairy - it's Veganuhairy
Laura Jackson started the #Januhairy movement after growing her body hair for a performance, and liking it.

It’s Veganuary 2019, No It’s Januhairy – it’s Veganuhairy

Veganuary 2019 has a new companion- the Januhairy! Rejoice, chin-hairs are now in! As if we needed permission to let our body hair grow au-naturale. Whether you like to keep everything perfectly manicured or you’re a free-bird who just doesn’t give AF what anyone thinks, and choose not to shave your snatch, you DEFINITELY do not need anyone’s blessing to do so.

While I think the message behind the Januhairy movement is a good one, I also feel a bit like a little girl who’s been given permission to do something that I’ve never been allowed to do before. It all feels a little bit patriarchal to me. It’s my body, and I’ll grow hair on it whenever I damn well feel like it. Are men only free to grow a beard in November? I think not.

Yass girl, hairy girls are beautiful.

Januhairy is a movement started by Laura Jackson, a drama student at the University of Exeter in the UK. Laura had to grow body hair for a performance, and she decided that she liked it, she also decided that she did not give two f**ks what anyone else thought. For the student, not having to shave her body hair felt liberating.

Just like Movember, the month when men forgo their morning shaving ritual in order to grow a beard and raise money for charity. Januhairy is a movement that calls for women to stop shaving their body hair and donate to a charity called Body Gossip. A charity that empowers people to be the best version of themselves through the arts and education.

People have been mad-posting on Instagram with the hashtag #Januhairy. Proudly showing off luscious armpit locks and stunning leg stubble. Hey, keep at it girls. Will you break out the wax come February 1st or is this the start of a furry new trend?

Up for Januhairy or Veganuary 2019 or Veganuhairy? Which one are you excited for?Comment below.



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