How To Skip The Chaos of Back To School

by | August 11, 2018

Going Back To School Chaos! 

One one hand, we are delighted that school is just within arms reach, no more listening to complaints of ‘I’m bored’, and we’ll certainly cut down on the fifteen million snacks being served a day. Yet, going back to school is a nightmare in itself. No one wants to get up early again, and the winter blues are around the corner also. Use these simple ways to get everyone on board.


Reset Everyone’s Body Clock

Don’t wait until the day before school to start shouting that its bedtime and everyone needs to start getting their 40 winks. Getting the kids used to going to bed early in August saves you the heartache in a few weeks.


Get on The Schools Eating Times

Long gone will the days of lazing around and looking in the fridge every twenty mins. They won’t be able to just have a snack when they feel like it, and no one can carry around that much snack food anyway. Start serving meals at the same times they would have them at school. Maybe skip the same menu though.


Exercise Those Brains

Going back to school is a lot of work, and those little brains are going to do a lot of thinking. You don’t have to bust out the math books, but gently getting everyone reading, asking questions, and engagement that will be like school – will have them prepared more than walking in there with cobwebs upstairs.


Scale Down the Social Media

Snapchat has so many pictures of your kids face this summer, you’re not sure if they’re using it as a mirror instead. Scaling back on the social media will help them adjust when back to school to not checking it every fifteen seconds, answering their friends and generally being distracted from the important work.

It might even save their phones heading alone to the principal’s office for some downtime.


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