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Just Eat GoMacro Bars This May, And Be a Reason An Animal Lives

by | May 8, 2019

Imagine, how nice it would have been, that every time you eat something delicious and healthy, you get to contribute towards the animals saved from endless torment in factory farms. Doesn’t happen much, but it would- this time, for sure. This May, the eco-conscious brand- GoMacro is extending 10% of their net proceeds from their Protein Replenishment MacroBar to Farm Sanctuary. Know more about GoMacro Bars and their initiative here.

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GoMacro to Extend 10% of All Sales From Their Protein Replenishment MacroBar to Farm Sanctuary

The plant-based company, that retails a mouthwatering collection of snack bars, is extending 10% of its net proceeds from a product- Peanut Butter (Protein Replenishment) MacroBar. During this month, the dedicated amount of their proceeds from the product will be given to Farm Sanctuary who works to raise awareness on the animal, suffering in factory farms, and educate the masses on the same, alongside rescuing and advocacy efforts.

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Harnessing Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and choose compassion over bloodshed via vegan diet, GoMacro is looking forward to improvising human health, animal welfare, and environmental wellness at once. Since May is here, you can give the GoMacro bars a shot, and be a reason for the greater good.

You can shop the bar here.

About GoMacro

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GoMacro is a family owned business that was started due to the mother and daughter’s love for the kitchen. When Amelia Kirchoff was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, she decided to fight the disease with the plant-based and macrobiotic diet, ditching traditional treatment. The mother-daughter duo united together during the face of adversity, conquered the odd and won the same. First created in their family farm kitchen at Wisconsin, MacroBar recipe was born from Amelia. The company, GoMacro was launched back in 2004 and since then, the ethical entrepreneurs have conquered national distribution at 20,000 plus locations from their humble beginning at the local markets. The company has been an active proponent of the benefits of plant-based living.

Ethical and Vegan GoMacro Bars

GoMacro manufactures and distributes some excellent range of healthy bars of different variants. Depending on your preference, you can choose from more than 10 different preparations of bars, that are more than just bars. For instance, the company’s classic peanut butter bar uses unique peanut butter chips for the genuine taste and texture. Choose from a line-up of MacroBars, Protein Bars, Snack Bars, and Variety Packs to cater to your need. Have a look at some of the best GoMacro Bars you can grab-

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip MacroBar

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The company’s original bar, this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip MacroBar is worth having. Stuffed with GoMacro’s fair-trade choco chips, draped in a luscious ‘oh-so-creamy’ peanut butter, and characterized with titbits of roasted peanut, this is the only bar you’ll need to quench your occasional hunger. And no compromise on health. You can order the vegan and protein-packed bars in a tray of 12 bars at $34.95 for a one-time purchase. Needless to say, you can subscribe the same at your chosen intervals and save 5% (at $ 32.95) on the MRP.

Cherries and Berries/ Sunny Uplift

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The sunny uplift Cherries and Berries Macrobar is the answer to your something sweet and something delicious cravings. This vitamin, iron and antioxidant-rich bars (thanks to berries) are reportedly fan’s favorite. Order a standalone tray of 12 at $34.95 or subscribe and save more, as usual.

Cashew Butter/ Sweet Rejuvination

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An exciting and magnesium-rich bar studded with cashew pieces and draped in smooth cashew butter. You will simply love this vegan bar and instantly want to have more. Organic ingredients like brown rice syrup and brown puffed rice add character to the Macrobar you’ll fall in love with. Here again, order a single tray of 12 units or subscribe to save more.

Vegan Protein Bar Variety Pack

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This is perhaps the ultimate protein pack you’ll ever need. Variety packs are the best way to not go boring with one taste. Kids will love the assorted flavors. This variety pack is an assortment of GoMacro’s best selling protein packed Macrobars like the Almond Butter, Cashew Caramel and Banana among others. Order a tray of 12 at $34.95 or subscribe at $32.95 and save 5%.

Peanut Butter/ Protein Replenishment

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Perhaps the hero bar of the month of May, the Peanut Butter MacroBar is packing some serious welfare goals starting from your health, environment till animals. The bar is made of organic peanut butter, studded with crunchy puffed brown rice and the company’s own peanut butter chips. All these into a drool-worthy sweet and salty bar. 10 percent of the proceeds from this bar will be extended to Farm Sanctuary. Order your tray of 12 at $34.95 or subscribe at $ 32.95 to save 5%.

Have a look at their line-up here and decide which one tickles your fancy. All the bars are ethically derived, sustainably made and above all- they’re vegan.

Products That Are Responsibly and Cleanly Crafted

The mother-daughter duo owned eco-conscious company strives to benefit the health, as much as, they do for the environment. That’s why the company’s philosophy of Simple, Clean and Responsible business. Any product you choose, any variant, rest assured it contains clean ingredients from plant-based sources that are sans additives and preservatives, all ingredients are cold-pressed to retain maximum nutrition and are finally packed in eco-friendly packaging. Certainly, the company is grounded to its philosophy.

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The company’s “If it didn’t come from nature, we don’t put it in our products” ideology ensures whatever you choose is organic, pure and ethical. From sustainable farming to printing and packaging, GoMacro cares for all and at once. The products are vegan certified, USDA Organic certified, and Gluten-free certified among others.

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There’s Joy In Giving Back; Hence GoMacro’s Give Back Model

The company’s sustainability outlook is duly reflected by the give back policy it has attached to its bars. Meaning, you buy any of them, and a certain share of the proceeds are extended for diverse community welfare programmes. For instance, the Farm Sanctuary give back policy. In the same way, if you buy GoMacro’s Everlasting Joy MacroBars, you’re basically a part of the 1% annual net proceeds gives back from the bars that will be given to Feeding San Diego. Feeding Sandiego is a branch of Feeding America that works to end hunger in the nation.

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The upcoming Breast Cancer awareness month in October will make the Sunny Uplift MacroBar much more than a bar. 10% of the net proceeds will go to Keep A Breast Foundation, an organization that promotes breast health via education among others. GoMacro truly justifies their ‘Bigger Than a Bar’ idea, with their sustainability drive, that starts from the very choice of ingredients and lingers till you rip open the recycled packaging and bite the delicious bars. That’s GoMacro. That’s Bigger than a Bar.

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What do you think about GoMacro bars? Have you tried one? Let us know in the comments below.

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