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Kentucky Governor Purposefully Exposed His Children to Chicken Pox

by | March 26, 2019

Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky recently revealed in a radio interview that he and his wife Glenna deliberately exposed their children to chicken pox so they would catch the virus and develop immunity.


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Kentucky Governor Purposefully Exposed His Children to Chicken Pox

In the interview on Bowling Green radio station WKCT, Gov. Bevin said that his children were ‘miserable for a few days’ after catching chicken pox but they ‘all turned out fine.’

During the interview, Gov. Bevin explained that when he and his wife Glenna found out that a neighbor had the chicken pox, they made sure that they exposed every one of their children to it so that they would become immune. Gov. Bevin and his wife have nine children.

Gov Bevin explained to the host, that if people are worried about their children contracting the chicken pox, then they should vaccinate them, but they shouldn’t be worrying about what someone else is doing. He also suggested that the federal government shouldn’t be forcing vaccinations on people.

Bevin seems to be missing the whole point of herd immunity and how it helps protect those in the community who cannot, for medical reasons, or age, get vaccinated. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, complications from chickenpox can include pneumonia, bacterial infections, and encephalitis. The complications aren’t common in otherwise healthy people who contract chicken pox, but they can occur and be very severe for high-risk individuals, such as infants, pregnant women, adolescents, and those with a weakened immune system.

The CDC recommends two doses of the chicken pox vaccine for children, adolescents, and adults who have never had the disease or were never vaccinated. Routinely, children get one dose of the vaccine at one year to fifteen months old and then a second dose at four to six years old.

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