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Vegan Baby Food Delivered Right At Your Footsteps, Time For Moms To Relax

by | March 22, 2019

Running short of time or wish you could squeeze in just a few seconds in the morning? For busy mommas raising a vegan baby, there are a good few options to ease you out of the meal prep trouble.

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Vegan Baby Food Delivered Right At Your Footsteps, Time For Moms To Relax

Jessica Alba, Emily Deschanel, and Casey Wilson- celebrity moms are turning into the fans of plant based food delivery companies that caters solely to babies, according to And not just Hollywood stars, there are a few companies delivering plant-based baby food right at your doorsteps, just the way you would have asked for.

Here are the best three vegan baby food companies that have made every vegan mom‘s wishful thinking come true to life.

Little Foodie Club

Little Foodie Club is a California based baby food delivery company that sources all its organic ingredients from the local farmer’s market. The company’s nutrient locked baby purée has received a nod from Zach Gilford himself, with him tweeting,

“This is hands down the best way to get your baby eating solid food. Our daughter literally tries to eat the bowl she loves it so much”.

Zach Gilford via Twitter

The company aims to revolutionize the way babies eat and learn about food. From starting solids to discovering news flavors, Little Foodie Club introduces tailored meal plans for babies as young as 4 months. Their initial plan features baby purées made from organic and fresh low allergy fruits and vegetables. Besides availability of vegetarian and vegan baby food options, there’s no addition of salt, preservatives, food coloring, added sugar, or artificial ingredients.

Delivery is available in Arizona, California, and Nevada at $9.99 flat rate.


Emily Deschanel, who has been a vegan since 25 years, reportedly loves Yumi. The Los Angeles based company makes vegan, gluten free, and organic food that is delivered to your doorsteps secured with ice packs. Initial plan starts at $35 a week and menu includes gourmet ingredients, superfoods and seasonal produce, such as, spirulina, dragon fruit, pumpkin seeds, zucchini, sweet potato, summer squash, white beans, basil, tomato, pear, and kale etc.

Raised Real

With all vegan baby food options, Raised Real sources each and every ingredient organically that is also sustainable and non GMO. All meals are gluten free and fresh frozen to lock in nutrients. The company claims to have every meal free from big 8 allergens and infused with plant based proteins to meet baby’s optimal nutritional needs.

Flash frozen chopped veggies and fruits packets come in various varieties, which includes options such as, spinach, white quinoa, chia seeds, banana, butternut squash, cauliflower, kale, coconut butter, avocado oil, raspberry, sweet potato, ground pumpkin seeds, cardamom, beet, mint, peas, broccoli, carrot apple, hemp seeds, chickpeas, tahini, turmeric, sacha inchi oil, blueberry, navy beans, coconut milk etc.

Raised Real delivers twenty plant based, organic, and pre-portioned baby meals every two weeks, for a price of $95 for 20 meals.

Which one of these baby food delivery options would you like to try? Comment below.

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