LoveRaw Launches New Buttercup Flavor; Extends Presence Through Waitrose

by | June 13, 2019

LoveRaw, who already has a range of vegan products called Butter Cups are about to expand their retail presence through supermarket Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. They have also added another exciting variant to their buttercup offering. What is it? Read on to find out.

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Healthy Food Maker LoveRaw Adds New Variant to their Butter Cup Range; Expands Retail Presence

The brand’s buttercup range is a line-up of vegan chocolate-based treats that come in a slew of flavors. For example, salted caramel, peanut butter, and hazelnut butter, there are plenty of options to try. All the butter cups are free from palm oil and anything artificial, according to the company’s website.

Now, the company is adding another exciting variant called the Cookie Dough Butter Cup into their line-up. If you lean towards cookie dough itself over an actual cookie, this one is for you. Like other variants of what they call their ‘Butter Cup gang,’ this one is also vegan. And similarly, it is gluten free as well as free from artificial sugar. For instance, the product is comprised of ‘Organic Fairtrade Dark Chocolate,’ cashews, cocoa butter, coconut sugar, organic agave among other ingredients. However, as per the LoveRaw’s Instagram and Twitter handle, this flavor is being exclusively sold at WholeFoods retailer apart from their online store.

Speaking about their increasing retail presence, the company already has its products in stores like Wholefoods and Boots and now according to Vegan Food and Living, the company is expanding their stockist to supermarkets like Waitrose and Holland & Barrett stores, in the following days.

Towards Success

As reported, Rimi Thapar, CEO of LoveRaw stated while speaking to Food4Media, that they’re delighted in Buttercup’s success, adding that their revenue almost tripled since the particular product was launched, further mentioning that the same has been selling out in stores, both online and offline. She was quoted as saying-

“We want to show people that you can still have your treat or afternoon snack, that convenience and indulgence is very much there, but you don’t have to compromise your preferences or beliefs to do it.”

Rimi Thapar via

The company’s almond drink is also vegan. What do you think about the new flavor? Have you had any of the Buttercups before? Share your experience in comments.

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