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Move Over Man Flu, Make Room For Couvade Syndrome

by | March 9, 2019

You’ve probably all heard of ‘man flu.’ You know, that awful affliction that some men get when they come down with the slightest little illness? The thing that makes them lay in bed for three days upon first sight of the slightest sniffle. Well, apparently some men get sympathy symptoms when their partner is pregnant. Couvade Syndrome is real!

Move Over Man Flu, Make Room For Couvade Syndrome
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Move Over Man Flu, Make Room For Couvade Syndrome

Now we can’t even wallow in our own pregnant misery without Daddy trying to one-up us. Couvade Syndrome is where someone who is not pregnant, experiences sympathetic pregnancy symptoms. It is actually a real thing.

What does this mean? It means that your partner may experience morning sickness, weight gain, appetite changes, and gas while you are pregnant. Usually, couvade syndrome’s sympathetic pregnancy symptoms will start at the end of the first trimester and increase in severity until the last trimester.

Thankfully, there is a cure for couvade syndrome. Birth. Something that the person with couvade won’t have to do.

While there’s yet to be research done on couvade for same-sex partners, researchers have found that some men could be more susceptible to couvade than others. If a couple has experienced infertility or if the man was adopted, he could be more likely to experience sympathetic pregnancy symptoms.

So, ladies, the next time you hear you baby-daddy complaining of nausea or weight gain while your laying on the couch, stuck like a beached whale with a bad case of sciatica, try not to hurl something across the room. He may actually be experiencing couvade syndrome.

As the only actual cure for couvade is birth, sorry ladies, this one’s all on you as well, there are ways to treat the symptoms. If your man is experiencing sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, tell him to ask someone for directions to the doctor, who can help him come up with ways to manage the symptoms.

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