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Major Parenting Challenge: Protecting Your Child From Cyber Bullying

by | March 3, 2019

Here are some preventive measures on protecting your child from cyber bullying…

With smartphones in seemingly every child’s pocket and social media continuing to be on the rise, cyber bullying is still unfortunately prominent in internet culture. Although there is no cure or magic cape to protect your child from cyber bullying, there are preventative measures that you two can take in order to minimize the likelihood of it happening. Keep reading to find out more on protecting your child from cyber bullying.

Protecting Your Child From Cyber Bullying
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Protecting Your Child From Cyber Bullying

Talk about web-appropriate content

Make sure to have a conversation about what is and what isn’t appropriate to put online, whether it be on Instagram or Tik Tok. Posts about how cute the family dog is or about a good grade from a test? Awesome. Rants similar to what should be kept in a personal diary and offensive photos? Not cool. Helping them keep what they share clean can help prevent cyber bullying from both people they know in real life and from online strangers.

Teach them about being safe online

Cyber bullies do not only come from people that your child already knows in real life, but it can also come from strangers on the internet and friends of their “friends”. Help them set up social media where their information is all private in order to monitor who sees what. Also, be sure to help them set a difficult to hack password so that no one else can get into their accounts and post unwanted and questionable content.

Keep an eye out for warning signs

As a parent, keeping a look-out for any warning signs resulting from cyber bullying can help you identify the problem and work to combat it. Some warning signs are depression, touchiness with their phone or social media accounts, and low self-esteem.  

Have an open line of communication

Ensure that your child knows that they can turn to you in a time of crisis in case they are facing cyber bullying. Having safe-space conversations together about things they have seen or received from people online can help bridge the gap between being them going through it alone or together with you in a constructive way.

Got more tips on protecting your child from cyber bullying? Let me know in the comments below.

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