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Oatly Tells London To “Go Ahead And Eat Like A Vegan” With Free Ice Cream

by | November 21, 2019

The Oatly ice cream truck has arrived at London’s Waterloo station, bringing with it a giant billboard urging locals to “go ahead and eat like a vegan.”

The ice cream truck is giving out free samples of the brands five-flavor vegan ice cream range as part of a new ad campaign — “From Oatly With Love Handles.”

“This launch campaign hopes to broadly connect with ice cream lovers across the UK” said Michael Lee, Oatly’s creative director.

Lee added that Oatly wants to “prove a point to the non-believers out there that being plant-based and progressive doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be decadent and well, even a little reckless.”

The brand’s oat-based ice cream selection recently launched in the UK, as well as in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Waterloo Station is the UK’s busiest metro station, with approximately 350,000 passengers travelling through it every day.

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The brand is promoting its ice cream at popular London locations (Photo: maziarz/Shutterstock.com)

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Oatly Vegan Advertising

“From Oatly With Love Handles” is the biggest ever advertising push for the Swedish brand. It will be spreading its plant-based message around some of London’s busiest metro stations and tourist hotspots, in addition to extending the campaign to Brighton.

This new campaign can also be seen on social media and in-stores, as well as at select UK gyms to encourage everyone to “indulge a bit this winter.”

Last year the brand launched a powerful ad campaign around the UK and parts of Europe, describing its oat drink by stating “It’s like milk, but made for humans.”

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