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Omni Aunt Feeds Meat To Vegan Nephew; Asks Internet If She’s an A**hole.

by | March 11, 2019

The thread on Reddit ‘Am I The Asshole’ threw up a surprising thread, of an aunt trusted to care for her nephew after school daily. Admits that she gives him meat for his meal, or as she puts it; leaves a vegan option and a nonvegan option and walks away, adding ” I continue to give him vegan options but don’t say anything if he chooses the nonvegan option.”

She added that she is too scared to tell her sister as she has been a ‘staunch’ vegan for many years and would freak out if she knew he was eating meat. The aunt says that she understands and respects the fact that eating animal products goes against her ethical beliefs (apparently not enough to respect it).

Not actual child in the story
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Feeds Meat, Tries To Justify it Online To Strangers

The woman says that she is conflicted because she thinks that the boy is old enough to make his own dietary choices, her husband, however, wants her to come clean to her sister because he feels that not telling her is being dishonest, she feeds meat to the child and eventually, everyone will find out.

In what will come as no shock to any of us, the predicament has split the users of the Reddit forum.

One user says that she’s NTA – ‘not the a**hole’, but she should really talk to her sister because it will strain the relationship when she eventually finds out.

feeds meat

Another advises the OP to talk with the nephew first, to see if he actually wants to tell his mum.

feeds meat
Feeds Meat: Reddit Users Divided

Another Reddit user says not to out the kid, that it has the possibility of making his life harder at home.

What would you do if you found out that a family member or babysitter was feeding your vegan child meat?

feeds meat
Feeds Meat To Nephew Story

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