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PETA UK Gives an Awesome, Wool-Free Gift to the New Royal Baby

by | May 11, 2019

In a heartwarming gesture towards the proud new parents of the new Royal Baby, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, PETA UK has generously gifted a beautiful and oh-so-cozy looking wool-free cardigan so that the newest member of the royal family could stay warm and fashionable in a cruelty-free way. Keep reading to learn more about PETA UK’s gift and the message that they want to bring with this wool-free offering.

PETA UK Gives an Awesome, Wool-Free Gift to the New Royal Baby
Credit: PETA UK/ Twitter

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PETA UK Gives an Awesome, Wool-Free Gift to the New Royal Baby

In a photo posted to Twitter, PETA UK shared with the word their offering to the Royal Baby who is heavily rumored to be raised vegan, which you can read more about here. According to a press release, the cardigan made by Bramble Crafts is made out of cotton and bamboo, a wonderful substitute for wool. The neat part? The cardigan is handmade on Etsy and you can even purchase your own for your baby by checking out this link to Bramble Craft’s shop!

The gift to the new Royal Baby from PETA UK made by Bramble Crafts
Credit: Bramble Crafts/Etsy and PETA UK/ Twitter

PETA UK hopes to spread a message of compassion with this gift, the hope to bring more light to their strict anti-wool stance.

A wool-free cardigan is as soft and warm for a baby as it is kind to sheep. We hope PETA U.K.’s gift to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will inspire parents around the world to dress their tots in compassionate, animal-friendly style.

Elisa Allen, Director of PETA U.K.
Credit: Luke Stackpoole/ Unsplash

With a firm belief that “animals are not ours to wear”, PETA organizations worldwide have shared the horrors that sweet, innocent lambs face when their wool is taken for them and used in fashion.

The issue with the mass-manufacturing of wool products is not only an ethical issue, but an environmental one as well due to the fact that the large-scale operations raising sheep for wool have resulted in issues such as increased production of greenhouse gases, soil erosion, and even changes in natural vegetation.

We sure hope that PETA UK’s gift will be worn by the Royal Baby himself and that the message of cruelty-free fashion keeps getting pushed to the forefront.

What do you think of PETA UK’s gift to the new royal baby who might be raised vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

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