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Fake News Alert! Pizza Hut to Have Vegan Cheese Across US by Summer’s End?

by | May 6, 2019

To the disappointment of many vegans, it turns out that the rather well-informed news regarding the launch of Pizza Hut’s vegan cheese across the US by the end of summers is nothing but a hoax. The company has confirmed the same. Were you excited? Well, sadly the wait isn’t over yet. Know more here.

Fake News Alert! Pizza Hut to Have Vegan Cheese Across US by Summer's End?
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Pizza Hut to Have Vegan Cheese Across US by Summer’s End in Hoax

If the very unfair hoax has to be traced it would sound like the American Pizza chain giant in an email exchange with a media house told they have been trying the marketing for vegan cheese for quite some time and they’re “Just about ready to make the leap!” But as much as we’d love to believe the same, it turns out otherwise. Unfortunately. The company is reportedly not looking forward (at least as of now) to making any non-dairy cheese present at all their locations in the United States by rumored August, as opposed to what it was quoted as saying.

Now it turns out that the media house in question- The Vegan Herald who first broke the news has received an email from an outlet as ‘Pizza Hut Media Relations’ and was even signed off with a name reading- Michael Darvo, according to reports. The Vegan Herald to their surprise found that they have been an unfortunate victim of a prank and are investigating the claim. Pizza Hut spokesperson confirmed to the Takeout assuring the reports are untrue.

“While we’re proud of our dedicated vegan menu in the U.K., the report is inaccurate and we have no plans at this time to carry vegan cheese at our U.S. locations.”

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Veganized Pizza Hut?

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Pizza Hut to Have Vegan Cheese across the US

The United States may not be lucky enough yet, but Pizza Hut, after trailing for some time had finally introduced non-dairy cheese Violife in their 265 UK stores. Apart from these, there’s the famous tortilla wrap made of jackfruit and other ingredients called “Jack&Roll,” among other desserts and pizzas. According to Pizza Hut, they’ve got something plant-based in every category of the menu, implying all their individual and sharing meals can be made vegan.

Were you excited with the news of Pizza Hut having vegan cheese across the US? Comment below.

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    2 headings above this is another story that says this is inaccurate

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