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Popular P*rn Website Launches Beesexual Web Series

by | April 18, 2019

We’ve heard many times how we need to save the bees and nothing seems to have been effective enough so far. Unfortunately, cutting out honey from your diet and buying clothes from a company that donates 5% of proceeds to bee preservation efforts haven’t made as big of a change as you thought. Apparently, the leading free porn website has had enough of the empty promises people have made when it comes to saving the bees. They have taken matters into their own hands by launching a Beesexual web series on their website. I know what you’re thinking because the same thoughts went through my mind: who, what, how, WHY? Hear me out, it’s actually pretty cool what they’re doing. Keep reading to learn more about Pornhub’s mission to save the bees.

Popular P*rn Wesbite Launches Beesexual Web series
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Popular P*rn Website Launches Beesexual Web series

Bees are vital members of the world as we know it, more important than you may think. Unfortunately, the bee population has been suffering from an alarming decline and the long term effects of this look bleak. The number one mission that bees have isn’t to make honey, contrary to popular belief, it’s to pollinate.

Pollination is essential for plants to grow, whether it be a rose bush or your vegetable garden. Around 80% of pollinated flowers are pollinated by bees so it’s safe to say that with a heavily declining bee population, this will take a large toll on both personal and large-scale agriculture.

The declining bee population can be attributed to a number of different factors including the use of pesticides, natural habitat destruction, and climate change. Some things we can easily fix, while others are more challenging to remedy, but it’s clear that we need to act fast.

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Popular P*rn Website Launches Beesexual Web series

The Save the Bees initiative caught the eyes of Pornhub, one of the most popular porn-streaming websites. Using their international platform for the greater good, they decided to launch BEESEXUAL, a series where fan-favorite porn stars do voice-overs on videos of bees doing bee things whether it be buzzing around with friends or pollinating flowers. The company took to Twitter to announce this new addition the day of the launch:

Credit: Pornhub/ Twitter

Every time someone watches one of the BEESEXUAL videos, the company has pledged to donate an undisclosed amount to charities dedicated to saving the bee population.

“BEESEXUAL is a whole new genre of porn dedicated to saving bees. We turned short videos of foraging bees into what they really are: funny, kinky, nature porn featuring the voices of your favorite stars… For every view, Pornhub will donate to bee-saving charities. It’s time to get busy!”

Pornhub on their Beesexual channel
Popular P*rn Wesbite Launches Beesexual Web series

After reading further on Pornhub’s initiative to save the bees, it began to seem more proactive than anything else I’ve seen in recent news when it comes to bee preservation. Whether you watch it or you don’t, there’s no denying that this new series is really creating a buzz!

Are you going to join the “Beesexual” movement? What do you do to help save the bees? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. John Baxter
    April 18th, 2019 @ 10:57 pm

    The official non profit is Operation Honey Bee

  2. Vince D. Lange
    April 19th, 2019 @ 8:11 am

    It’s hip.

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