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RIDI Awards 2019 to be hosted by Paralympian Gold Medalist- Liz Johnson

by | March 22, 2019

The RIDI or Recruitment Industry Disability Initiate is a non-profit organization that works for the cause of ameliorating the ache of differently-abled people who are often left in the cold when it comes to recruitment and job opportunities. RIDI hosts an award ceremony – the RIDI Awards, and this year Liz Johnson is to grace the occasion with her empowering presence.

“I’m delighted to be announced as the host for this year’s awards.”

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RIDI Awards 2019 to be hosted by Paralympian Gold Medalist- Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson is a British Swimmer with cerebral palsy. But her disability could never stand on the way to her achievement, and she went on to win Gold Medals in the Paralympic Games and IPC world championships. Hence, disability would be an understatement to her. This year commemorates her joining as a host to the distinguished awards ceremony hosted by RIDI that too is related for the cause of disability empowerment. The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative works for the cause of fetching the differently-abled the opportunity to employment.

The employment sector is dotted with barriers that prevent differently-abled people from finding the right jobs for themselves. Recruiter and employers continue to carry on the trend of underestimating the differently-abled. RIDI acts as a motivator to the recruiters and employers in recruiting differently-abled people, helping remove barriers that millions of disabled face while trying to get employed. Liz Johnson herself runs an organization- The Ability People, also a recruiting agency. And what is more amazing is her organization is entirely run by differently-abled people.

This year Liz will empower the already empowering award ceremony. She will host this year’s RIDI Awards, and RIDI is proud to present her. Liz is a vegan and an advocate of her cause. She is an epitome of an empowered woman. She said that she’s aware of the barriers the disabled face in the employment industry and to some extent, the boundaries are rooted in the lack of visible role models and proper understanding.

Liz said- “RIDI’s work to change this is very important, and every organization that is publically sharing their experiences is helping to break down these barriers. Therefore, I’m delighted to be announced as the host for this year’s awards.’’

Two greater causes- Liz Johnson and RIDI Awards will meet on 11th April 2019. What are your thoughts? Mention in the comments below.

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