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Sainsbury’s To Open UK’s First Vegan Butcher PopUp Shop in London

by | June 2, 2019

The United Kingdom-based supermarket giant has announced a brilliant new way in which it will be celebrating the ‘World Meat Free Week.’ The celebration will as well double as an encouragement to folks to go plant-based. They’re opening a vegan butcher pop-up this summer at a particular location in London. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Know more about it, here.

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UK Supermarket Giant Sainsbury’s to Open Vegan Butcher Pop-up this Summer

As a vegan, you’ll love to enter a ‘butchery’ where there will be line-ups of vegan meats, showcased in front of you. Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s have made such a plan to celebrate the World Vegan Week this summer. As per reports, a vegan butchery will be hosted at a selected location in London- specifically ‘146 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG,’ which will be open from 21st to 23rd of the June. It would be publicly accessible from 11 am – 8 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. According to Vegan Food and Living, Sainsbury’s have taken the step to showcase a wide array of vegan meat to passers-by, thereby encouraging them to try meat-free with these meats.

As per the report, the vegan butcher pop-up shop will look similar like any butchery at a glance, thanks to the supermarket’s products like ‘Shroomdog’ sausages that will decorate the window. Once inside, visitors will find themselves offered with many plant-based meat alternatives to choose from, like plant-based steaks and bacon, Chorizo-Style Shroomdogs, BBQ Pulled Jackfruit and meatless mince from the Meatless Farm.

Even the attendants will be specially trained to help visitors/ buyers with vegan recipes and suggestions. Also, if lucky, alongside buying ingredients, one could taste the Sainsbury’s plant-based offerings for free as well.

Plant-based Demand Skyrocketing

James Hamilton, Buyer from Sainsbury’s told Vegan Food and Living that they’ve seen a ‘huge climb in sales’ of plant-based foods, further stating that irrespective of that, via conversation with customers they’ve realized that there prevails a sense of ‘trepidation’ while cooking with vegan supplies. Therefore their vegan butcher concept- which will act as a catalyst in allowing “people to get up close to the products, try what they like and take home some valuable cooking advice and recipe inspiration,” according to the report.

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Sainsbury’s is one of the UK supermarkets that have been nurturing a good range of vegan options to choose from. Last year the company fueled their vegan offering to 35% with 22 new product launches. A last year’s report by news outlet Food Manufacture stated that Sainsbury’s meat-free range was growing at a rate of 20% each week. The supermarket on 22nd May this year celebrated their 150th birthday, in presence of Her Majesty the Queen to mark the century and a half period-long journey.

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