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‘Call It Spring’ Turns Into A Fully Vegan Footwear Brand

by | May 30, 2019

Shoemaker Call It Spring designs and manufactures shoes and accessories, of which most (90%) were vegan-friendly, until now. But recently, as per the company’s latest announcement, they have taken the cruelty-free route to business in all that they offer. Learn more about the 100% vegan footwear brand here.

Vegan Footwear Brand

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‘Call It Spring’ Turns Into A Fully Vegan Footwear Brand with the Launch of their Spring 2019 Collection

The Canadian retailer- The Aldo Group-owned brand ‘Call It Spring’ already had their product line-up mostly vegan. But now ‘mostly’ is ‘completely’ according to their statement. It took considerable planning for sourcing the materials for their new fully vegan line-up, considering Call It Spring is a global brand. The fully animal-free range comes with the brands Spring ’19 collection. According to the company, they seek to ‘create a better tomorrow, together’ and subscribing to the fully-vegan offering is a ‘natural’ step towards their mission.

‘Call It Spring’ Turns Into A Fully Vegan Footwear Brand

Call It Spring products are available at an affordable price. This is in alignment with the company’s mission of ensuring “customers to shop for affordable, animal-friendly options, and to feel good about their choices, without compromising on style.” The company’s Global Marketing Director, Alyssa Whited, speaking about the major shift to cruelty-free products said they’re ‘extremely proud’ to offer the same trendy and affordable options to customers, this time fully sans animal products.

Call It Spring is known for their trendy and updated collection without the pocket-burning tag, and from now onwards, everything you choose, from shoes to belts, will be animal-free.

Look Out for the ‘V’

All the Call It Spring products are now PETA Approved. You can get your hands on one via online or any of the 400 stores located globally. Just look out for the ‘V’ marking (indicating vegan) on the boxes, online product pages and sole of the shoes to identify the vegan options. Vice President of Products and Brand at the company- Monia Atijas, reflecting on the transition, was quoted as saying-

‘Call It Spring’ Turns Into A Fully Vegan Footwear Brand

“This has been a journey for Call It Spring. The first step, deciding to make vegan fashion more accessible for our customers, was an obvious one. We then had to conduct a thorough assessment of all products, identify what materials and components needed to be replaced, develop a vegan policy that outlined what materials were no longer permitted, and devise steps to ensure all products would be entirely free from animal materials or derivatives.”

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The news, of course, is befitting to the year of veganism. Isn’t it? Call It Spring joins the growing range of vegan shoes and accessories like MooShoes, Topshop and premium Stella McCartney who is known for her luxurious tag. Which is your favorite vegan footwear brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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