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Rachel Riley Reveals Her Pregnancy In A Unique Cute Announcement On TV

by | May 29, 2019

Revealing your pregnancy to your loved ones may be one of the most special reveals that moms-to-be experience. For many, the reveal happens in private but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, we have enjoyed watching a lot of viral pregnancy reveals. Couples sharing the great news with friends, family or fans if they are celebrities have taken over Instagram and I’m here for it.

Celebrity Rachel Riley combined her career with her pregnancy reveal, in order to make her announcement in a very special and unique way. How creative!

Rachel Riley Reveals Her Pregnancy In A Unique Cute Announcement On TV
The couple, Rachel and Pash
Credit: @rachelrileyrr/ Instagram

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Rachel Riley Reveals Her Pregnancy In A Unique Cute Announcement On TV

Rachel, the 33-year old English TV show presenter as well as a mathematician, used her job as the co-host of the Channel 4 puzzle game show, Countdown, to announce her pregnancy to her fans. saying that she and her partner, Pash, have a “conundrum” for her viewers, we can see a jumble of letters that once unscrambled, spell out “maternity.”

Rachel and Pash’s relationship began after working together on the British television dance show and contest, “Strictly Come Dancing” which is very much like the American dance show, “Dancing With the Stars”, as both shows pair professional dancers with well-known celebrities in order to compete for 1st place.

Credit: @rachelrileyrr/ Instagram

Pash and I have a conundrum for you… you have till December to work it out!

Rachel Riley Instagram caption

Rachel is one of the celebrities that will be backing Animal Aid’s “Summer Vegan Pledge”, which is a month-long challenge to go vegan this June. In a statement which was sent in by Rachel to Plant-Based News, she shares the improvement that veganism has had on her health. She also notes that even as a “big foodie”, she isn’t missing out on anything with the range of vegan options that she has available to her at restaurants.

I found out that eggs and dairy were making me ill, and once I gave them up I felt like a new person almost overnight.

Rachel Riley/ Plant Based News

What do you think about Rachel Riley’s super unique pregnancy reveal for her husband? Have you ever done something similar to reveal your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below.

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