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Naturli’ To Give Brits Vegan Ice Cream This Summer

by | May 17, 2019

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Vegans and non-dairy folks across the UK are in for a treat this Summer, and when I say a treat, I mean one that is cold, creamy, and delicious. The widely raved-about brand Naturli’ is continuing to expand their products further and just in time for this Summer, they will be launching a sweet treat in the UK- vegan ice cream! Keep reading below to learn more about how you can get your hands on a pint.

Naturli’ To Give Brits Vegan Ice Cream This Summer
Credit: Naturli/ Instagram

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Naturli’ To Give Brits Vegan Ice Cream This Summer

Naturli’, an awesome plant-based foods brand from Denmark, first teased their newest addition to the family, non-dairy ice cream, on their Instagram with a short video making cruelty-free ice cream sandwiches on May 2. To the excitement of many fans across Europe (including myself), everyone wanted to know when they could expect to see this delicious product in stores.

Distributed with Suma Wholefood, those in the UK will get to enjoy this Danish creation just in time for Summer. Currently, with 6 flavors announced which are: Strawberry Swirl (gluten-free), Cocoa-Orange, Hazelnut, Raspberry-Chocolate, and Liquorice Sweet Bites, vegan Brits can expect to see these flavors soon at their nearest wholefoods store serviced by Suma. Yum!

The brand took to their social media accounts to announce this awesome news.

Credit: Naturli/ Facebook

If you’re unsure if your local shop will be getting in these delicious Summer treats or not, Naturli’ even shared a handy link that you can forward to your local shop in order to request in some Naturli’ ice cream.

Credit: Naturli/ Instagram

Naturli’ is a Danish brand that specializes in their awesome and revolutionary plant-based comfort food products. Some of their most famous products are their Vegan Spreadable ( a completely organic 1:1 alternative to butter), Vegan Block (a thicker butter alternative), and Minced (Beef alternative that looks creepily similar to the real thing). No matter your favorite Naturli’ product, it’s safe to say that their ice cream will be your new favorite!

Will you be trying Naturli’s new vegan ice cream? What is your favorite dairy-free ice cream brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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