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Cryptic Pregnancy Leaves Teenager Stunned As She Delivers A Baby

by | May 15, 2019

A teenage girl, preparing to join the British Border Force, went into labor amidst exercise sessions. According to her, she never realized she was pregnant and was surprised when she started having contractions. Know more about the bizarre cryptic pregnancy case here.

cryptic pregnancy
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Cryptic Pregnancy Leaves Teenager Stunned as She Delivers a Baby

According to the new teenage mother, she had taken two pregnancy tests two months prior to her daughter Maizie’s birth in October 2018. Now her little daughter is seven months old. She recalls being approached by a random co-worker, who told her she ‘looked pregnant,’ which at the time eighteen-year-old Beth Martin thought was rude, reports Martin had been undergoing a strict physical training regimen in preparation to join the British Border Force, and reportedly went into labor while she was exercising. She was completely unaware of her pregnancy throughout the physical training program; until the moment she went into labor.

A Cryptic Pregnancy

Whenever Beth felt tired, she’d blame her strict training sessions, according to Little did she know, doctors would later discover she was differently pregnant, and maintained a ‘size six’ throughout her pregnancy. According to the doctor’s discovery, she experienced a rare ‘cryptic pregnancy.’ Her little daughter, who is now seven months old, reportedly grew behind Beth’s ribs and therefore didn’t show a pregnancy bump. What’s more amazing, the now-mother did not suspect pregnancy even when she went into labor, thinking the contractions were heights of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

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Having no explicit physical changes, the active teenage mother hadn’t a clue she was actually carrying a baby. However, she did notice certain changes like some unusual weight gain and would go out of breath easily during her workout regimen, which according to her is not normal. When she started experiencing ‘stabbing pain’ in the abdomen Beth dialed the emergency number. She finally realized she was in labor after a bloodspot was noticed by medical professionals. She was instantly dispatched into the hospital and after seven hours she gave birth to a 3.3 kg miracle baby daughter- Maizie Loraine Martin.

Miracle Baby Maizie

Shocking Beth herself, the little baby arrived stunning her family members and friends (her brothers first thought she was playing a prank). We wish all the best to the mother and little miracle child Maizie.

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“My dad was so happy, and my mum came after, shaking her head — we were all in shock.”

“The week before I’d had Maizie, I was doing riot police force training, where I had horses chasing me — it seemed surreal.”

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According to Healthline, out of 475 cases, only 1 mother is aware of the pregnancy if it is cryptic. That is something rare indeed. Have you heard about cryptic pregnancy before? Let me know in comments.

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