Credit: Daniella Monet/ Instagram

Awesome Gender Reveal By Daniella Monet Ditches the Confetti and Powder

by | May 14, 2019

Vegan lady boss Daniella Monet revealed the gender of her first child this past Saturday on Instagram, and I absolutely love the way that she went about it! Daniella and her beau, Andrew, forwent over-the-top methods including confetti, balloons, and colored powder. The way that they revealed to both themselves and the guests at their gender reveal party? A super eco-friendly way that I have a feeling will catch on.

Daniella Monet
Credit: @daniellamonet/ Instagram

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Awesome Gender Reveal By Daniella Monet Ditches the Confetti and Powder

Saturday, Daniella of the revolutionary Kinder Box, and partner of six years, Andrew, revealed the gender of their first child together to both party guests and Instagram. The way they revealed the gender? With the help of their beloved fur babies!

It was simple with the help of a trusted friend- if their dog Jake came out to welcome party guests, that means the couple would be having a little boy. If their dog Sofie came out, that means that the couple would be welcoming in a little girl. Well, Jake was the one that came out! It’s a boy!

Daniella Monet shared some truly beautiful photos on Instagram which captured the exact moment the happy couple found out the gender of their child. Although the couple both look extremely happy, I’m going to have to say that Andrew looks as if he’s the happiest father-to-be in the world based on the pictures!

Credit: @daniellamonet/ Instagram

Daniella, currently at 20 weeks, shared more pictures from her shower, including an awesome ombré vegan cake she served at her party. She took to Instagram sharing a message about how happy she is.

I cannot wait to share all these memories w our bb boy… little man- you’re not even here yet, and you’ve already given me a permasmile

Daniella Monet/ Instagram
Credit: @daniellamonet/ Instagram

I’ve definitely heard of fur babies helping with a pregnancy announcement, but this is the first time I’ve seen them help with a gender reveal!

Although glitter, powder, and confetti look amazing in photos, the reality is most of these products are awful for the environment and take years to decompose. If you’ll be using any of these in pregnancy announcements or gender reveal announcements, please do some research to choose products that are eco-friendly and are biodegradable!

What do you think about Daniella Monet’s gender reveal? Will you be trying a more eco-friendly gender reveal at your party? Let me know in the comments below.

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