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Vegan Eats in Lisbon, Portugal That You Must Try Out On Your Next Visit

by | May 1, 2019

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Western Europe, with azulejos scattered around the city and incredible historical and cultural monuments, Lisbon (or as we Portuguese-speakers say, Lisboa) is a must-go for all travelers. In this city that’s taken many steps towards modernization, you’ll find no shortage of delicious plant-based food that you’ll be able to enjoy on your travels. What are you waiting for? Here are my favorite spots to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lisbon. Check out these vegan eats in Lisbon.

Vegan Eats in Lisbon
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Vegan Eats in Lisbon: For Brunch

Brunch Café

Brunch Café
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Looking for somewhere to grab vegan food that’s open early? Head over to Brunch Café to start your day off with the right fuel. Although it’s not dubbed as a vegan or vegetarian place, there are plant-based options available! Don’t skip out on the coffee either, it’s some of the best in the city!

Vegan Eats in Lisbon: For Lunch

Organi Chiado

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Looking for delicious vegan comfort food coming in large portions? At Organi Chiado, with the motto “vital food, vital energy,” you can choose from a large all-vegan menu with everything from veggie lasagnas, burgers, salads, and veganized American-style pecan pie. Gluten-free? They have options! Can’t speak Portuguese besides “Bom Dia” and “Obrigada”? Their menu also has English!

Vegan Eats in Lisbon: For Dinner

Jardim das Cerejas

Jardim das Cerejas
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As one of my personal favorite self-serve vegan restaurants I’ve ever been to in my life, you definitely won’t want to miss out on having a super-satisfying dinner at Jardim das Cerejas. I’ll be honest here and admit that I truly took the all-you-can-eat part to a whole new level when my friends (who are actually omnivores and loved this place!) and I went a couple of years back. With hot and cold options offered at this place that are a filling and unique, you won’t be disappointed if you come back multiple times to see what’s new as the menu changes day by day. Best part? Their absolutely luxurious cakes.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lisbon? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

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