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Sex While Pregnant- 3 weeks Onward- Everything You Wanted To Know

by | November 28, 2018

So you just received the good news that you are pregnant. And now you are all excited to know everything about pregnancy, self care and do’s & don’ts. Isn’t it? The first dilemma you’ll be hit by probably revolves around sex while pregnant 3 weeks onward. Should you get in the deed? Scroll further to get answers to all your queries.

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Is it safe?

For normal pregnancy, it is absolutely safe. You can have sex right up to the moment you get into labor. However, there are certain cases where doctor or your health care provider might tell you to refrain from love making. Ask your midwife or doctor if there’s any complication involved. 


Sex while pregnant- 3 weeks onward: Can it hurt the baby?

Absolutely not! And stop picturing that a penis can travel way up the vagina into the uterus and harm the baby. Because it can’t! Even when you have full blown deep penetrative sex, the penis doesn’t go beyond vagina. There’s no way it can reach up to the baby. Your muscles around the uterus are pretty strong to protect your unborn baby. Also, there is a thick mucus plug on your cervix that guards against any possible infection. 


Sex while pregnant- 3 weeks onward: Can it trigger labor?  

In case of a normal pregnancy, no sex won’t trigger labor. Orgasm cannot cause miscarriage or labor in low risk pregnancies. Whether its 3 weeks, 20 weeks or 32 weeks pregnancy- it is safe to indulge in some passionate love making with your partner. However, orgasm might cause temporary mild contraction in uterus. It is normal and won’t last long. 

Want to know of an added benefit of sex while pregnant 3 weeks onward? The increased blood flow in the pelvic area can sometimes cause genital engorgement, which may result in heightened pleasure. In fact, many women claim to feel more pleasure during sex when pregnant. 

Need any more reasons to hit the sheets with your partner? Get naughty!



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