Smells That Will Make You Gag During Pregnancy

by | November 29, 2018

Have you noticed your super-human sense of smell during your pregnancy? One faint waft of the wrong thing can land you with your head down the toilet for hours. Estrogen that your body produces during pregnancy sensitizes your olfactory system. Basically, that means that every smell on the plant is going to make you hurl. Here are some smells that can make you gag during pregnancy.

smells that can make you gag during pregnancy
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Here are some nasty nasal offenders to steer clear of while you are pregnant.

Smells that can make you gag during pregnancy

1. Eggs

Not the nicest smell in the world to begin with,  but particularly the smell of eggs can have your gag reflex going into overdrive when you’re pregnant. Especially for us vegans who want to puke with the smell even when we’re not pregnant.

2. Coffee

Ugh this one broke my heart. The once welcomed aroma of a pot of coffee brewing in the morning will have you running to the loo.

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3. Perfume

The scent of certain perfumes and cosmetics can just be too much when you’re pregnant so stay away from beauty counters in department stores for a while.

4. Alcohol

Don’t worry about missing nauseous during your pregnancy, as a sniff of what used to be your favorite wine could have you gagging.

5. Pet food

Someone else is going to have to feed Fido for a while. Dry food is bad enough, but wait until you open a can of wet food. You’ll toss your “dog” biscuits right then and there.

6. Gas

Do not even attempt to pull into a gas station. Whether it’s to fill up your car or grab carton of soy milk, send someone else. The smell of gas will have you blowing chunks all over the parking lot.

7. Baby poop and puke

Even changing your own toddlers dirty diaper will leave you gasping for air while your pregnant, not to mention, when little Johnny pukes, you’re gonna puke right back at him.

Thankfully your sense of smell should go back to normal after baby arrives.

Is there any other smell that made you gag during pregnancy? Do let us know in comments below. 


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