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Super Fun And Easy Valentines Hand Print Cards

by | February 13, 2019

I’m not the craftiest crayon in the pencil box. In fact, I actually dread craft time. The mess that is created and nothing ever turns out like the pictures. I have, however, discovered something that I can manage to throw together with my kid and they always come out super cute. They are Valentines hand print cards- super fun and super easy!

Super Fun And Easy Valentines Hand Print Cards


Super Fun And Easy Valentines Hand Print Cards

All you need is paper, washable, non-toxic paint, and maybe some string or pipe-cleaners, some sharpies, tape or glue, depending on the project. Oh and a kids hand lol.

Here are some really cute Valentines hand print cards and art pictures that I found on Instagram:

theomakesthree says ‘I love you with my whole heart’.

little.miss.kaye made a sweet little hug out of her handprints. I love the idea, especially for family who live far away.

nashvillekidactivities posted a lovely bouquet of hand print roses, made by Ernest. These are better than real flowers if you ask me. Also, I’m really digging that kids name!!

ciarablowers posted this really cool ombre love hand print poster. I think I’d have this hung up in my bedroom all year long.

This isn’t mine, but I have done something like this with my daugher before. I think it was a hap”bee” birthday, but kinda the same concept. Another cute idea from ciarablowers.

mygirlsmake posted a different take on a bunch of hand print flowers. This is a really sweet idea, just buy a sweet little vase and it makes the nicest gift.

jenny_g_brown showed that sometimes the simples of things are te ost effective. I love love love this take on the Philly love sign.

Irish kids love Valentine’s Day too. Change it up with a shamrock instead of a heat like crafty_morning has posted.

These Valentines hand print cards are really easy and fun to make with your little ones. They make the sweetest, heartfelt gifts to the people that your child holds dear to them.

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